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How to Reduce the Acidity of the Stomach?

How to reduce the acidity of the stomachEven healthy people a few times a year are faced with situations where they suddenly starts to bother nausea, heaviness in the abdomen or stomach pain. The reasons for this may be many - from the use of poor-quality food to the side effects from taking aspirin. In some cases, listed complaints arising from the increased acidity of gastric juice, which can contribute to the development of some diseases in the first place, gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. So if you think you have such a breach, you should pay more attention to their own health.

Currently, in various diseases of the stomach is quite rarely do the analysis on acidity, because it has been proven that the prospects of treatment depend on this factor only to a small extent (a much more significant role played by the nature of the disease, its severity, and others.). And if the person has no serious pathologies and considers himself generally healthy, such a diagnostic procedure the more meaningless - and, moreover, very unpleasant. However, it should be remembered that increased acidity in the body can create an environment in which to easily develop disease processes; In addition, it brings a man some discomfort. So what to do to prove its existence?

Just listen to yourself, and your symptoms you may use a fairly high probability to determine if there is a violation of you or not. If you are concerned about the "acidic" belching, heartburn, pain in the upper abdomen (especially after eating foods that enhance the secretion of gastric juice), then it is possible that you have increased the acidity. Your guess is finally confirmed when you experiment with food and other methods to reduce it, and they will give results. So what to do to help themselves?

It can be said, the cornerstone of your efforts - without the normal power supply to solve the problem fail. The first thing is to give up all the foods and beverages that contribute to enhanced secretion of digestive juices. When acidity organism too responsive to food stimuli, whereby the stomach is filled with "excess" of hydrochloric acid, which irritates its wall.

Now, remember, you should not eat (especially on an empty stomach and/or in large quantities), the following products: coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, sour berries and fruit (currants, some varieties of apples), citrus, undiluted fruit juice, spices, canned food, meats, hearty soups and broths, pickles, fried foods. It contains so-called extractive substances, which greatly increase secretion. Also, do not get involved in a very cold food and drinks.

Instead of all this is to increase the content in the diet of boiled, baked and stewed vegetables and meat, milk and dairy products, sweet fruit. Lower acidity and protect the stomach wall against possible damage to help jelly, mucous soups and soups, porridge. If you suffer from symptoms of hyperacidity, do not recommend to stick to strict diets to lose weight: eat small portions you need, but fractionally, from 4 to 6 times a day. Fasting is also strictly contraindicated.

Do not forget that food should moderate amounts include fats, animal and especially plant to help recover the mucosa and create on it a thin protective film. Although, of course, it is important not to overdo it: a piece of fatty mutton will your stomach into complete confusion and provoke hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid, which will cause you to regret his shortsightedness.

Bad habits and stress: how they affect the acidity?

Bad! And you probably heard about it is great. It is no secret that the lady’s finger greater among those who are often nervous - hence, the stress increases the acidity of gastric juice. In addition, the experience contribute to disruption of the activity of certain hormones local action and reduce the blood supply to the mucosa. Also, a state of nervous tension inhibits the work of the cells that produce the protective mucus and bicarbonate, which in the normal digestive enzymes do not dissolve the stomach itself.

Smoking and alcohol also significantly impaired digestion, so it is better to give them. It is believed that a cigarette after a meal is not so much effect on gastric secretion as smoked on an empty stomach, but with frequent smoking effect of nicotine becomes a constant that does not relieve us from the consequences.

Folk remedies for reducing the acidity

There are many variations of recipes that supposedly help solve problems associated with acidity. But the really significant action you can expect only on the rice or oat broth that protect the stomach from acid, and even recommended by doctors as a therapeutic agent for patients with gastritis or ulcer.

To reliably reduce gastric acidity, should be performed at any one, but all these suggestions. Controlling diet and avoiding bad habits and stress, you are literally within 2-3 weeks will achieve a result. If this does not happen, and you will still be something to disturb refer to a gastroenterologist: persistent symptoms can talk about already developed the disease, which will make you friends not only with the "right" food, but also with medications that reduce the acidity.