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How to Quickly and Properly Lose Weight by Summer

How to quickly and properly lose weight by summerVery soon, there will come a season of short skirts, swimsuits and beach photos in social networks. In order to look good in these photos, you need to prepare your body in advance for the summer.

Schedule work front

Do not expect a miracle. Training for a couple of weeks before the summer, no matter how intense they may be, will not bring any result - only disorders. You need to lose weight in a complex and in advance. And it’s better not to start on Monday, but right now. Determine how much you need to lose by the summer - 5 kg, 10 or all 20. And starting from this, make your plan - yourself or with your personal trainer. We need to set ourselves tasks for each week and strive to fulfill them. To control the process of losing weight and provide additional motivation, you can take photos once a week in full growth.

Healthy food

You can believe in fairy tales as much as you want, that there are miraculous ways to lose weight without diets, but this is not so. Proper nutrition - in itself already a kind of diet for the body, which is used to chips, chocolates and fried potatoes with ketchup. Therefore, we must abandon the sweet, flour, roast and smoked in favor of products containing protein, as well as herbs, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

The golden rule of a healthy diet is regularity. You need to clearly divide your diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and give up snacks. If the appetite has greatly developed, you can eat an apple, carrots or just drink a glass of water or a cup of tea.

Also it is necessary to refuse fast food. Dishes cooked with their own hands are more useful, but this requires strength and time, which is not always enough. Instead of buying a cake in the store, it is worth trying a couple of times to cook it in your kitchen. Most likely, this process will seem too laborious for you, and the cake itself will not be so much wanted.

Doing sports

One correct diet is not enough. Physical loads will accelerate the process of losing weight and make you more enduring. The easiest option is to buy a subscription for a couple of months in the fitness center. The administrator will help you to create a convenient schedule. Two or three classes a week will be enough to throw off a few kilograms by the summer. In addition, fitness centers can be used not only on simulators. Choose any sport that is closer to you, for example, swimming or aerobics. Girls can sign up for yoga, body-ballet or another kind of dance, where you need to move a lot. If you want to not lose weight, and adjust your figure, it is best to hire a personal trainer who has drawn up a plan of classes and tells you how to eat.

If there is no possibility to go to group or individual lessons, you can go in for sports yourself. On the Internet there is a huge number of master classes from fitness trainers, which will show what exercises you need to perform to achieve your goal. Nobody canceled the old and effective way - morning runs in the park before work and banal exercises in the morning.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not only about proper nutrition and exercise. To lose weight, you must abandon the frequent use of alcohol. Smoking also does not help losing weight. Ideal - completely get rid of this addiction, or at least significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

People are surrounded by a huge number of irritating factors, not contributing to weight loss. It is better to try once again to avoid stress, at least for the sake of your figure. And, finally, you need to sleep enough to have a good mood and enough strength to exercise.

Massages, baths and creams

Many go to the masseurs, to the sauna or buy expensive cream in the hope of rapid weight loss without any effort. All this is effective only in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise. By themselves, these methods are useless and will not yield a significant result.

It is worth to be afraid of various "teas" for losing weight. No matter how they are advertised in social networks, at best, such a tea will contain diuretics that will simply remove water from the body, at worst - narcotic drugs.