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How to Lose Weight at Home?

How to lose weight at home?It’s not a secret that proper healthy diet is essential for maintaining the health and control their weight. To overcome the overweight should be, above all, to overcome their bad eating habits, such as overeating, eating before going to sleep, irregular eating, eating unhealthy foods. Remember that the stomach - a hollow muscular organ that easily expands as binge eating, and later - in the normal diet in order to achieve a sense of saturation required to eat large amounts of food, because the stomach is already "accustomed" to be stretched. Consumption while healthy but high-calorie foods in quantities exceeding the energy intake necessary for you daily energy requirement, a sedentary lifestyle, low physical activity also contribute to obesity. Therefore, to maintain a slim figure of the ideal need to eat regularly and properly balanced, and exercise more.

Willpower and mood of success - your first allies in the difficult task to lose weight. There should be a clear desire to get rid of the extra kilos. Do not give up until you shake the ill-fated arrow on the mechanical balance in the smaller side, or until crawl down the numbers on the display of electronic scales.

Learn to say a firm "no" to temptation and fast food, but, unfortunately, bad nutrition. Before you succumb to the temptation to buy a pizza, sugary sodas, delicious fries, a double burger with cheese or soft flour cakes, bathed in chocolate - think about the number of calories that are contained in them and imagine how they will be stored in the fat folds of your limp body.

Eat more foods with dietary fiber. They give food volume contribute to the rapid filling of the stomach and thus less food will cause a feeling of fullness in the brain. In addition, dietary fiber contribute to the removal of toxic products of metabolism from the gut, serve as a substrate for the intestinal flora, stool form, in part serve as prevention of unpleasant intestinal conditions like constipation and diarrhea. Where to contain dietary fiber? Vegetables, fruits, bran, cereals, wholemeal bread. All of these products can and should be consumed in large quantities under the emergency measures for weight loss at home.

Wash consumed foods. Drink plenty of fluids, because the water speeds up metabolism and promotes breeding and disposal of harmful metabolic products in the urine, feces, evaporation through the surface of the skin (sweating) and lungs. Drinking water reduces hunger and helps digestion. Remember that an adequate daily fluid intake is the key to the proper functioning of the internal organs of the human body, especially the liver.

Part of the daily routine should be a morning exercise, stretching, exercises with weights, and better training on a stationary bike or treadmill - on any simulator that you can install at home. It would be even better to regularly engage in gyms, make daily walks and engage in a variety of active sports.

Remember that any kind of mental pressure lead to the emergence of stress and even depression. Stress, in turn, can lead to emotional overeating. So try not to be nervous, overexcited and do not take to heart the negative attitudes of other individuals. A good practice would be breathing exercises, such as, for example, deep breaths, different meditation technique, oriental health exercises. Do not forget about the rest. Remember that proper rest (not a computer screen) currently has therapeutic effects on the body. The same applies to bed. You must sleep at least 7 hours a day.

What else can be done at home for a successful weight loss? Remember that you need not only eat well, but also regularly. Eat 5 times a day in small portions, rather than 2-3 times larger. Perfect breakfast should be low calorie, low fat and high content of dietary fiber. For lunch, eat anything, the main thing that it was useful and tasty (do not forget to enjoy a healthy meal). Do not wait with dinner. The evening meal should be completed in 2-3 hours before bedtime. Do not forget that the number of calories consumed can be reduced by increasing the content of fruits and vegetables in the diet, but they also contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals.

So remember that your daily energy expenditure in the form of exercise must exceed the consumption of food in terms of kilocalories contained therein. Unfortunately, however, the intensity of modern life does not always give us the opportunity to be engaged enough in gyms, leisure or sports outside the home, so why do not we engage in more physical activity where we spend about half of my life - that is the house? But in any case, do not take physical exercise as a burden his duties enthusiastically approach to employment, involve family members, including your favorite TV channel or the necessary music. And finally, here are 9 public exercises which you can do at home without having to buy special equipment or equipment:

  • Walks around the house (walking): This is the best kind of exercise, you generally do not need to do this only functioning legs. However, if you live in a cramped home, or if the weather is really very good, you can take the opportunity to walking on the street. Necessarily involve your home for this event. Even banal raising and lowering the stairs leading to tone your muscles.
  • Jumping rope: it is itself energy-intensive way of exercise and an occasion for pleasant childhood memories of girls.
  • Ups: Although this type of exercise is given quite difficult, many people prefer push-ups, because they are well trained muscles in the arms and shoulders.
  • Lifting legs: the perfect exercise to strengthen the muscles of the lower extremities and abdomen. For best results, you want to raise the straight legs, but if you feel that it is very difficult, it is possible to bend them a little.
  • Lift the body to the knees from a prone position on the back: This type of exercise is essential for abdominal exercise. Down with flabby abdominal wall with large accumulations of fat! Long live the "cubes"! Cheers "cubes"! By the way, "blocks" are formed by constrictions tendon rectus abdominis muscle, so you need to train this muscle. Just remember that the cubes can be seen when the fat content in the body is about 10% lower.
  • Sports running: very good exercise to train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as to optimize the consumption of calories. Everyone can jogging or even brisk walking, while listening to the radio, music or just enjoying nature. The only thing you need - a couple of good shoes, and, of course, a strong belief in getting rid of unnecessary kilograms.
  • Squat: have a striking impact on glutes and leg muscles. Even better would be if you crouch not alone, but in company with two charming brunette - dumbbells and Rosa Clara.
  • Weightlifting: if you are a girl and did not want to spend money to buy glamorous dumbbell, you can start to lift weights that are easy to get at home - a laptop man, iron, grown fat cat, two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola (stop, people dumping kilograms, there should be no sugary sodas in the fridge) and large capacity air-conditioned for the washing machine (it is convenient to do just to lift).
  • Dance: yes, dance - it is also an interesting exercise. They increase the speed of your metabolism and give a sense of overall satisfaction.