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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Breasts and Return the Former Beauty of the Body

How to get rid of stretch marks on breasts and return the former beauty of the bodyHow to get rid of stretch marks on breasts we describe here. All women want to have beautiful skin of the breast, which in fact is not surprising and fine. Most breast skin spoil streamers, which are the majority of women. In medicine, they are called striae, they appear due to the excessively sharp reduction or weight gain. Most stretch marks appear after childbirth or nursing. Naturally, in such a situation, women are beginning to look for the most effective means, to once and for all get rid of stretch marks on his chest.

Despite the progress of modern medicine, to get rid of stretch marks on his chest stuffy today is almost impossible. But if you start to deal with them as soon as they appear on your skin, as they are painted in pink and have not yet become pale, then you will be a good result. With proper care, fresh stretch marks disappear forever from the life.

Today there are a lot of beauty, as well as drugs that help remove and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It is the most effective means of oil, namely lemon, almond, flax, orange. You need to choose any of these oils and systematically rub it into the skin to get rid of stretch marks on his chest.

Below we will acquaint you with several methods of removing stretch marks, which help to quickly resolve the problem.

Water treatments

It is known that cold shower improves circulation and strengthens blood vessels, which in turn helps the skin to become more elastic so you do not have to worry about How to get rid of stretch marks on breasts. You must perform the procedure in a circular motion, starting from the right, for a few minutes. Carry out this procedure every day. It is not necessary to increase the duration of the procedure, since it is possible to chill the breast and cause a variety of inflammatory diseases and not to get rid of stretch marks on breasts.

Also get rid of stretch marks on breasts, you can wipe the chest with the help of small pieces of ice, this procedure gives a lifting effect that accelerates the elimination of stretch marks.

It helps as well and wiping with a wet towel. You need to soak a towel in normal water and then grind them to his chest. When you need to take the dry, warmed towel and dry breasts.

Cosmetic procedures

Wraps and masks also good help to get rid of stretch marks on breasts. They improve the skin and lead to normal metabolism.

Recipe mask: should be thoroughly mixed cheese and olive oil, add sour cream, honey, egg, and then apply the mixture on the chest. Keep this weight is necessary for twenty minutes and then gently rinse and apply a quality moisturizer.


Breast massage is one of the most important processes of care for your body and the way to get rid of stretch marks on his chest. Because it improves circulation, tightens muscles, improves lymph drainage. To eliminate stretch marks is the best Taoist and Manual massage.

Taoist massage to get rid of stretch marks is carried out as follows: take a breast in his hand and make a couple of rotational movement in the direction from the shoulder to the center, and then you need to embrace the breasts with his hands and make a couple of pressings on the exhale.

Manual massage is carried out in several stages. First, prepare the breasts using light circular movements, after the tips of his fingers begin to stroke his chest in the direction of the nipple. Next you need to go to the main part of the massage, take a breast in his hand and a second hand work out easy blows on his hand. Then just keep breasts in his hands and produce oscillatory motion from the nipple to the shoulder. Complete massage should be light stroking. Of course, it is desirable to entrust the conduct of massage professionals as they make the procedure more qualitatively and pick methodology taking into account the individual characteristics of a person.

Physical culture

It is useful to combine all the above activities, physical exercise, as it will accelerate the receipt of the result aimed at is to get rid of stretch marks on breasts.

The best approach is swimming, but if such an opportunity you do not, just go a special course at the fitness center or perform exercises on their own. To go to the main part of the session you must first warm up the muscles of the body is good, it needs to do a couple of turns of the shoulders, head and make the slopes and so on. Now we go to the main exercise.

  • The first exercise. We must come face to the wall, lean on her hands and make ten pusher movements in the wall.
  • The second exercise. Stand up straight, well-pressed hands to the body, and then try to connect their blades. You should do eight sets of ten seconds each.
  • The third exercise. It is necessary to connect the front of the palm and try to squeeze them much, do it eight times in five seconds.
  • The fourth exercise. You need to be back to the wall and make a hundred motions simulating swimming breaststroke.

In the fight against stretch marks you need to remember that everyone has their genetics, and for this reason, exercise can not give you the desired result. If any method fails, then try another until you find your method.