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Herpes Simplex Virus Types I and II

Herpes simplex virus types I and II. Prevention of herpes A good immune system – the best prevention of herpes. At the household level, people used to think that herpes – an ordinary “cold” or “fever on the lips,” but it is actually not so simple. Herpes (from the Greek herpes – creeping) – a viral disease that affects the mucous membranes and the skin of a person.

It has been known to mankind for a long time and was described by Hippocrates, who gave him the name because of the “creeping” nature of the spread of the disease. Among the huge number of viral diseases herpes is a leader because, according to the scientists, latent, that is hidden, “sleeping” form, it affects about 90% of the entire population of the planet.

There are about 100 species gerpevirusa, but only eight of these are able to cause diseases in humans, the most common herpes first and second type.

Herpes virus type

Herpes virus (HSV-1) is passed as influenza, via droplets – coughing, sneezing and by contact with the skin or mucous membranes of an infected person. The people he called the “common cold on the lips,” because, though striking the whole body, outwardly manifested mainly on the lips and nose wings.

The first time it enters the body of the first type of herpes virus does not manifest itself clinically, people do not even realize that he is infected. Before the acute phase of the illness is called the incubation period lasting from 2 to 14 days, during which the virus is actively propagated and implemented.

When the virus starts to become more active on the lips appear very painful blisters with fluid, severe itching, burning, swelling, often increased body temperature and increased lymph nodes. Then the bubbles begin to burst, sores scab, which is also very painful and can last up to 10 days. After healing of wounds virus again “hiding” in the body and is waiting for a chance for recurrence, the timing of which can not be predicted.

Infection with the first type initially occurs most often between the ages of 3-4 years, and the children of the first years of life almost never get sick herpes because they have immunity from the mother, and by 5 years of age, as a rule, already have in your body Antibodies to genital virus most often appear in adolescence, around 15 years, initially infection penetrates not only through sexual organs, but also through the mucous membranes of the mouth and skin.

Earlier traditionally believed that the first type of virus affects the upper part of the body – the face, mouth, eyes and lips, and the second type of virus – the lower half of the body, usually the genitals. But, now, this division is purely conditional, since there are cases genital lesions gerpevirusom first type.

Herpes second type

Second type of herpes virus (HSV-2), more commonly called genital because, unlike the first type, it affects mainly genital mucosa. Transmitted mainly through sex, but also there may be cases of infection through saliva, oral-genital contact. Less common infection through casual through linen and personal care products, as well as through medical procedures such as blood transfusions and organ transplants.

If it affects the human genital herpes incubation period ranging from 1 to 10 days, then comes the acute phase, characterized by fever, malaise, weakness and increased inguinal lymph nodes, which is extremely painful. On the genitals appear painful blisters, itching and pain. Primary genital gerpevirus can last a very long time to heal 3-5 weeks.

A particularly dangerous genital gerpevirus for pregnant women, because the child becomes infected it either in the womb or during childbirth when passing through an infected birth canal. They are very common neurological disorders, blindness and death. In this regard, it is vital for women planning pregnancy, tested for the presence of viral infections to its occurrence, and if necessary undergo treatment.

Someone gets sick herpes every few years, and someone every few weeks, often the virus affects the same areas. And, if the first type of herpes manifests itself quite rare, mostly not more than three times a year, the second type of herpes recurrences gives every couple of months, and sometimes several times a month, delivering huge human physiological, moral and social issues. According to studies, one in two women suffering from genital gerpevirusom, lonely and Neustroev in his personal life, which often leads to depression and a variety of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Prevention of herpes

Despite the enormous prevalence of herpes, most people are passive carriers of it and only 20% of people observed symptoms. Scientists have found that the whole family gerpevirusov is our constant companion throughout life – to introduce into the body one day, they’ll never leave. And only on the condition of the immune system depends on how the virus will behave in the body – whether it will just live quietly, without letting themselves known, or will regularly remind yourself endless recurrence.

From the primary contact virus gets into the bloodstream and lymph nodes, and future behavior is entirely dependent on the state of the human immune system. When good immunity develops local, or local form of herpes. If, however, reduced immunity, the virus penetrates further into the body, affecting such important organs such as the liver, kidney, spleen, adrenal glands.

The virus accumulates in the cells and in response to various trigger factors will periodically cause permanent relapses. It is promoted by exposure to cold, chronic fatigue, poor diet, excessive exercise, stress, alcohol, antibiotics.

Since the medicine of today has in its arsenal of medicines that allow to completely heal cold sores, it becomes clear that in the first place there is the problem of prevention of infections and the overall strengthening of the immune system. Protect against genital herpes, in contrast to the first type of herpes that is transmissible through airborne droplets, it is possible, respecting the rules of personal hygiene: Do not use someone else’s lipstick, do not smoke a cigarette for two, drink, and eat only with their dishes, use a condom and do not in any way engage in oral sex if your partner has gerpevirusa blisters on the lips.

In order to prevent the insidious virus of the herpes host in your body and spoil your life, will make every effort to maximize strengthen your immune system and viruses then no you are not afraid. To do this, use the entire arsenal of tools for healthy living – nutrition with the presence of all necessary for the body of vitamins and minerals, the correct drinking regime, moderate exercise, healthy sleep, as well as smoking cessation and alcohol.