Hemorrhoids May Burst

Hemorrhoids may burst Hemorrhoids – an extension of the veins of the rectum and anus (therefore distinguish between internal and external hemorrhoids). Internal hemorrhoids are most often associated with constipation. Solid excrement put pressure on blood vessels of the rectum and extend it. At a pressure vessel can burst and starts bleeding. If nothing is done, inflamed tissue and form nodes. These vessels can also quickly irritated and inflamed.

The risk factors – obesity and primarily sedentary lifestyle with sedentary work.


  • Follow the regular chair, with the anus good grease, do not sit too long “on the throne” as a result of high pressure can burst blood vessels in the rectum.
  • Proper diet, rich in dietary fiber. Reduce weight.
  • Enough movement in the fresh air, walking and gymnastics.
  • Squeeze and relax the muscles of the rectum. – Anal hygiene, cold shower.


  • All measures taken for constipation.
  • Herbal therapy: dandelion juice (root) and leaves (broth), bloodroot goose (compress), yarrow and chamomile (sitz bath), crushed buckeye or calendula (wraps and bathing), oak bark (sitz bath).
  • Essential oils: geranium oil or rosemary (internal use).
  • Sitz bath with pine needles.

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