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Hemorrhoid Home Treatment

When we say the word “hemorrhoid”, many are experiencing negative, sometimes reaching up to phobias, feelings. However, this disease is not so bad, especially in the early stages. It occurs due to poor nutrition, physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle. It may be provoke a heredity.

In order to answer the question of how to treat hemorrhoids, you need to give it a clear definition. Hemorrhoids are vascular cavernous body. These are formed in the rectum (in the lower part). Nodes can be internal or external. Simultaneously, at the patient may be present both species, in this case will help only complex treatment.

Characteristically reluctance of a large number of patients to see a doctor in the early stages of this disease. They do not ask how to cure hemorrhoids and how to pick a remedy for hemorrhoids, even experiencing pain and discomfort. However, the need to go to a specialist as soon as possible. It is better to hemorrhoid home treatment, than to resort to complex surgery, which in some cases does not bring the proper favor and alleviate suffering.

In the U.S., 80% of persons with hemorrhoids, the doctor did not address

There are four stages of this disease:

  1. The formation hemorrhoid nodes inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids);
  2. There is a loss of nodes of the rectum after a bowel movement, they themselves reduce a back;
  3. The nodes do not reduce a own but it can still be done with your fingers;
  4. Impossible to reduce fallen nodes (external hemorrhoids).

Effective hemorrhoid home treatment is possible only on the first and second stages. On the third and fourth often have to resort to surgery.

In spite of the obvious symptoms of many ill in no hurry to seek medical help. They will not go to the doctor, as a result, they develop hemorrhoids third and fourth stage. For some reason, some people think hemorrhoids are something shameful. They hide their illness from others. This trend is not exclusive to the United States, but also in many European countries. However it is better to learn from experts how to treat hemorrhoids, rather than later hospital treatment needed or, worse, in the outpatient and dispensary observation.

Today, a large amount of useful information on how to cure hemorrhoids, can also find on the Internet. In a network there are enough sites on which there is information about the problem of the disease, the mechanisms of its development, prevention methods and hemorrhoid home treatment.

How to treat hemorrhoids. The main methods

  1. Non-medical impact. Effective only in the early stages, is to change the lifestyle and diet, increasing physical activity.
  2. Drug therapeutic impact.
  3. Reducing the pressure in the anal canal (the means for doing so are drug «Venapro» and ointments such as Anusol HC, Carmol HC, Hydrocortisone, Locoid etc.).
  4. Non-surgical methods of influence.
  5. Surgical treatment.

In the early stages of the disease and as a prophylactic course after surgical treatment is very effective natural product «Venapro».

Identify hemorrhoids simply by the following symptoms: – Bleeding during bowel movements, blood in faeces. – The occurrence of burning and itching in the anal area. – Pain when sitting, walking, bowel movements. – The emergence of a sense of gravity or presence of a foreign body in the rectum. – Inflammation of hemorrhoid nodes. They be palpated, this gives rise to pain. – Occurs loss of nodes of the rectum.

It should, as soon as possible, seek medical attention if these symptoms.

Hemorrhoid home treatment. Traditional methods

The use drug treatment is usually only gives a relief of symptoms of the disease in the third and fourth stages. To effectively deal with hemorrhoids, you need to use an integrated approach.

Modern medicine offers to hemorrhoid home treatment is not only tablets but also in other ways. In the early stages helps to get rid of the pain and reduce inflammation of the nodes special diet. Of the food exclude alcohol, spicy and fatty foods, condiments and spices. A diet enriched with plant-based diet high fiber content. Recommended for early hemorrhoids long walks, special exercises, including squats, press load, tilts, etc. It is necessary to make a thorough hygiene of the anus after defecation.

However, the disease exacerbation of those measures will not be enough. In the acute form of hemorrhoid home treatment will require the use of anal suppositories, ointments, and cold lotions. When it is impossible to stop the periodic occurrence of venous bleedings knots injected sclerosing solutions.

By resorting to surgery only in cases where there are prolonged and severe bleeding, constantly drop nodes, at a jamming. All the same any form of treatment is useless if you do not aimed at removing underlying causes of the disease. They only temporarily make easier the patient’s condition, reduce pain and symptoms.

In the complex treatment of hemorrhoids is to include products «Venapro – Hemorrhoid formula». It is especially effective in the early stages of the disease.