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Gone Month After Weight Loss. How to Restore the Month Following the Diet?

altThis problem is very common among girls, too much carried away by losing weight. Heavy training in the gym, wasting the minimum calorie diet, unbalanced power - all this, acting together, can disrupt the hormonal balance of the female body and lead to amenorrhea - the cessation of menstruation. Their absence is a sign of serious damage to health and can cause other, more terrible consequences. So, if the problem you have encountered, you should take as soon as possible for its decision.

The normal termination of a woman’s menstruation should occur only in 45-55 years, when she, because of age, menopause. In younger years cycle disorders are a symptom of a more or less serious violations.

Some girls are easy enough to react to the fact that weight loss after they begin the long delays or even complete absence of menstruation. This is probably due to all the well-known myth, if sportswomen month did not happen. However, in reality, only to suffer a similar professional athletes, usually engaged in power sports, and often taking specific means to improve their physical condition, such as steroids. At the same time, they make a conscious choice between sports achievements and his health - in favor of the first, as you may have guessed.

You do not engage in professional sports, but just decided to lose a few pounds, so you should not be like this. Maybe for you, even absence of menstruation seems convenient, but keep in mind that it is able to do a lot of damage to health.

If you are a long time did not receive a sufficient amount of food nutrients, it could contribute to the emergence of anemia, disturbance of the production of sex hormones, changes in metabolism, resulting in a disruption of the normal functioning of the ovaries. At first it is fixable, but then atrophy and other changes in the reproductive system are becoming more stable and may even be irreversible.

Significantly it is not proved, but experts believe that, given the long absence of menstruation due to weight loss, women may develop complications. Moreover, their appearance is possible even if the cycle is still possible to recover. In particular, the likelihood of complications include dishormonal disorders: dysfunctional uterine bleeding, the development of hormone-dependent benign tumors, polycystic ovaries, and cysts. Ultimately, in particularly serious cases, this can lead to infertility.

The key point for safe weight loss - it is a slow or moderate speed weight loss. If you are struggling to the results "minus 30 kg per month", and ready for this fast and torturing your body unbearable load it one way or another will have an effect: someone - a stomach ulcer, someone - violations of the cycle.

The second rule, which will save you from the problems of women’s health - is striving for a balanced diet, even against the background diet. In particular, you even in small amounts, but should eat fat-containing animal products, because it is based on cholesterol, which you are so afraid, are built molecule hormones. This does not mean that you can not use a mono-diet, or fat-free diet, simply by practice over several days rather than months in a row.

What should I do to restore menstruation?

Take action, and fast. Of course, the emergence of amenorrhea on the background of weight loss does not require as much emergency treatment to the doctor, as a traumatic brain injury, or other medical emergency, but to think you should not spend more than a week.

It is desirable to bring to the solution of the problem of a specialist. If you do not understand, which is why it’s happened, he will explain the reason for cessation of menstruation, to recommend changes in diet and prescribe drugs for the treatment. It will be hormonal. Do not be afraid of what you prescribe them because now they are needed. Artificial hormones entering the body, will lead to the cyclic operation of the reproductive organs and quickly restore cycle. In a few months you will be able to give them up.

You can also simultaneously - not as a basis, in the form of aids! - To use national treatment. As the herbs that have a positive impact on women’s health are known upland uterus, lovage, chamomile, parsley. Their decoctions and infusions is also possible to use if you do not have contraindications to herbal medicine, in particular allergy to grass.

So, if on the background of intensive weight loss you have gone monthly, restore them as soon as possible. Doing this is through a combination of good nutrition, medication, prescribed by a physician, and, if desired, the use of aids. Even if you have not yet reached their ultimate goal in losing weight, you better time to interrupt this process and pay attention to their health. Let this situation will give you some lessons and will help you understand that you can not scoff at his body with impunity. Hopefully, you will restore your health, and in the future, you will not be so foolish to strive for weight loss.