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Glycemic Index Diet

glycemic index dietThe nutrition system based on controlling carbohydrates receipts called glycemic index diet: It allows you to quickly lose weight without causing harm to the body.

Diet with a low glycemic index foods: essence, the benefits and features

The glycemic index (GI) - a measure of the speed of fission products to the further formation of the primary energy source - glucose.

The higher the glycemic index of the product - the more rapidly digested and glucose is the formation of fatty deposits.

Talking about what is on the glycemic index diet, should take into consideration all its stages:

  • In the first stage we have to eat foods with a low GI, and at that time is the most active fat burning. Duration - two weeks or more, until the desired result is achieved;
  • In the second stage glycemic index diet meals are resolved with an average GI to consolidate the results. Duration is also not less than 14 days;
  • The third stage is the output, and at this time permitted high GI foods, but in small quantities. The diet should be based on foods with middle- and low-index.

What are the features of a diet with a low glycemic index:

  • Its menu consists of a low-calorie foods, so weight loss is achieved due to the fact that the body produce more energy than it receives;
  • All simple carbohydrates are replaced by the complex.

Advantages diet based on the glycemic index impressive of all dieters:

  • Even in the first stage starvation practically impossible, since it is based on principles of nutrition;
  • This method helps to enhance metabolism, improves bowel and has a favorable effect on the functioning of internal organs, so it can be used all my life;
  • The nutrition system is suitable even for pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as those who suffer from chronic or serious illnesses.

Perhaps the only drawback is the fact that throughout the weight loss glycemic index diet foods will have to consult with the special GI table, but after some time to get accustomed to this.

How much can you lose on a glycemic index diet

It is worth noting that this method of weight loss is not fast, so for a month of its application can throw no more than 10 kg. This figure also depends on physical activity and energy intake - it should not be higher than 1700 kcal per day.

Glycemic index diet for weight loss: compliance rules, menu, table, recipes

Terms glycemic index diet for weight loss:

  • It is best to give preference to products with low GI and high nutritional value, and not vice versa;
  • It is not recommended to use fried food: it is best to cook, bake or eat fresh salads;
  • Water increases the rate of excretion of excess fluids, but drink it in such volumes as often stated in other techniques, is not necessary.

Low glycemic index foods

Foods with a high glycemic index (GI of 70 and above)

Product GI
Beer 110
Dates 103
Glucose 100
Modified starch 100
Toast of white bread 100
Swede 99
Buns 95
Baked potato 95
Fried potatoes 95
Potato casserole 95
Rice noodles 92
Canned apricots 91
Gluten-free white bread 90
White (glutinous) rice 90
Carrots (boiled or stewed) 85
Hamburger Buns 85
Cornflakes 85
Free sugar popcorn 85
Rice pudding with milk 85
Mashed potatoes 83
Cracker 80
Muesli with nuts and raisins 80
Sweet donut 76
Pumpkin 75
Watermelon 75
French baguette 75
Rice porridge with milk 75
Lasagna (from soft wheat) 75
Savoury waffles 75
Millet 71
Chocolate bar ("Mars", "Snickers", "Twix" and the like) 70
Milk chocolate 70
Sweet drinks ("Coca-Cola", "Pepsi-Cola" and the like) 70
Croissant 70
Noodles of soft wheat 70
Pearl barley 70
Potato chips 70
Risotto with white rice 70
Brown sugar 70
White sugar 70
Cuscus 70
Munk 70

Products with an average glycemic index (GI of 50 to 69)

Product GI
Wheat flour 69
Fresh pineapple 66
Instant oatmeal 66
Orange juice 65
Jam 65
Beetroot (boiled or stewed) 65
Black yeast bread 65
Jujube 65
Muesli with sugar 65
Canned pineapple 65
Raisins 65
Maple syrup 65
Rye bread 65
Potatoes cooked in their skins 65
Sorbet 65
Sweet potato 65
Whole wheat bread 65
Canned vegetables 65
Pasta with cheese 64
Wheat sprouts 63
Pancakes from wheat flour 62
Pizza on thin wheat dough with tomato and cheese 61
Banana 60
Chestnut 60
Ice cream (with sugar) 60
Long-grain rice 60
Lasagna 60
Industrial mayonnaise 60
Melon 60
Oatmeal 60
Cocoa powder (sweetened) 60
Papaya fresh 59
Arab pita 57
Sweet corn, canned 57
Grape juice (sugar free) 55
Ketchup 55
Mustard 55
Spaghetti 55
Sushi 55
Bulgur 55
Canned peaches 55
Shortbread 55
Basmati rice 50
Cranberry juice (sugar free) 50
Kiwi 50
Pineapple juice without sugar 50
Lichee 50
Mango 50
Persimmon 50
Brown crude rice 50
Apple juice (without sugar) 50

Foods with a low glycemic index (GI of 49 or less)

Product GI
Cranberries (fresh or frozen) 47
Grapefruit juice (sugar free) 45
Canned green peas 45
Brown basmati rice 45
Coconut 45
Grapes 45
Orange fresh 45
A toast of wholemeal bread 45
Whole grain breakfast cereals (without sugar and honey) 43
Buckwheat 40
Dried figs 40
Pasta, cooked "al dente" 40
Carrot juice (sugar free) 40
Dried apricots 40
Prunes 40
Wild (black) rice 35
Chick-pea 35
Fresh apple 35
Meat and beans 35
Dijon mustard 35
Dried tomatoes 34
Fresh green peas 35
Chinese noodles and vermicelli 35
Sesame 35
Fresh orange 35
Fresh plums 35
Fresh quince 35
Soy sauce (without sugar) 35
Low-fat yogurt 35
Ice cream with fructose 35
Beans 34
Fresh nectarines 34
Garnet 34
Fresh peach 34
Compote (without sugar) 34
Tomato juice 33
Yeast 31
Soy milk 30
Fresh apricots 30
Brown lentils 30
Fresh grapefruit 30
Green bean 30
Garlic 30
Fresh carrots 30
Fresh beets 30
Jam (no sugar) 30
fresh Pear 30
Tomatoes (fresh) 30
Cottage cheese low fat 30
Yellow lentils 30
Blueberries, cranberries, blueberries 30
Dark chocolate (70% cocoa) 30
Almond milk 30
Milk (any fat content) 30
Passionfruit 30
Fresh mandarin 30
Blackberry 20
Cherry 25
Green lentils 25
Golden bean 25
Fresh raspberries 25
Red currant 25
Soy flour 25
Strawberry, wild-strawberry 25
Pumpkin seeds 25
Gooseberry 25
Peanut butter (no sugar) 20
Artichoke 20
Eggplant 20
Soy yogurt 20
Almond 15
Broccoli 15
Cabbages 15
Cashew 15
Celery 15
Bran 15
Brussels sprouts 15
Cauliflower 15
Chilli 15
Fresh cucumber 15
Hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts 15
Asparagus 15
Ginger 15
Mushrooms 15
Squash 15
Onion 15
Pesto 15
Leek 15
Olives 15
Peanut 15
Salty and pickled cucumbers 15
Rhubarb 15
Tofu (bean curd) 15
Soy 15
Spinach 15
Avocado 10
Leaf salad 9
Parsley, basil, vanilla, cinnamon, oregano 5

Low glycemic index diet: Menu

You can use this example to the right to make your own menu:

  • For breakfast we eat oatmeal with berries with the addition of a low GI, drink green tea;
  • After 2 hours, a snack dates;
  • Lunch soup with vegetable broth, eat a salad with sausage;
  • Afternoon snack citrus juice;
  • For dinner, leave vegetable salad.

Montignac Diet on Glycemic Index

French Diet Montignac M. dietitian for weight loss is recommended to eat as follows:

  • We have breakfast any fruits with a low GI, as we eat low-fat yogurt;
  • At lunch consume protein foods: cottage cheese, boiled eggs, yogurt, chicken;
  • Lunch grilled fish and salads of vegetables;
  • Afternoon snack with yogurt;
  • We have supper at the latest 19.00 boiled beans and meat.

Glycemic index diet recipes

The recipe for stewed chicken with mushrooms:

  • Cut into pieces of chicken, onions shinkuem, spread all on a buttered pan;
  • Next, add the peeled and chopped mushrooms, salt and pepper, fry 5 minutes;
  • Add 100 ml of water, cover with lid and simmer for 15 minutes.

Recipe for vegetable salad:

  • Tear hands lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and greens;
  • Mix all dressed with olive oil and mustard sauce.

Soup recipe:

  • Fill with water to 300 grams of lean meat, put the stew;
  • Chop and fry the onion, carrot, tomato and pepper;
  • Shred cabbage, cut into bars potatoes, spread them in a ready-made broth;
  • After 10 minutes, add to the pan roasting, parsley, bay leaf and spices;
  • Boil 5 minutes, then turn off.

Losing weight on a low-glycemic index foods: reviews, the results of losing weight

Doctors in most cases favor food with a low glycemic index, but the duration of the first stage should not be more than three weeks. This is due to the fact that the human body still needs slow carbohydrates, which limits this technique.

As a result of diet on the basis of the glycemic index of the products can be substantially reduced weight as well as to stabilize and improve the metabolism of the bowels. In order to continue to not score dropped weight, you must eat at the table of products with an average GI, occasionally allowing himself to eat any food with a high GI, and further to do fasting days.

Out of glycemic index diet is happening even in the third stage, when the allowed foods high in GI, while eat only it is not recommended.