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Get Rid of Allergies Forever. Allergies Causes

Get rid of allergies forever. The causes of allergies Of allergy contributes to the pathogenic intestinal microflora. Scientists around the world are studying the causes of allergies, because in the last few decades, the world has seen a rapid increase in allergic diseases and according to WHO every fifth child is born with allergies. Allergies – is an individual reaction to certain substances (allergens) after contact with them.

The causes of allergies and current treatments

In parallel with the increasing number of allergies and a list of allergens, which began to get even the most innocent-looking substance. Currently, there are so many new allergens that to protect itself from them, and to exclude from your diet and environment is not possible. Allergic reactions can cause food, household dust, pollen and plant fluff, pet hair, cosmetics, medicines and much more.

Allergy symptoms in different people as diverse – coughing, sneezing, snot, itching, rash on the body, swelling of the mucous membranes and even asthma. In severe cases, anaphylactic shock can occur – the most dangerous manifestation of allergic reaction, which in the absence of immediate medical attention to result in death. If there are signs of anaphylactic shock, such as seizures, loss of consciousness, shortness of breath, vomiting, rash all over the body, involuntary urination and defecation, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Modern drugs, widely advertised in the media, unfortunately, do not eliminate the causes of the emergence and development of allergies, and are directed only by addressing its symptoms and relief of the patient. Allergy treatment passes through the standard procedure – first samples are taken to establish the allergen in order to avoid contact with him, and then assigned to an antihistamine and immune-boosting drugs. But this approach can not be considered the treatment because the treatment of any disease it is important to establish the root cause that caused it, and fix it.

Also popular method of treatment of specific immunotherapy (SIT), the essence of which is the regular administration of low doses of a specific allergen with a gradual increase, which stimulates the immune system and leads to a resistance to it. SIT prolonged treatment and more efficient – reducing the need for medications the patient, the symptoms are greatly reduced, which is especially important in asthma attacks. SIT is a basic treatment of asthma, by which it is possible to achieve a prolonged remission.

The method is definitely more effective than the simple application of antihistamines, but the downside of it is that in allergic reaction rarely occurs on a single allergen. Most of several allergens and their number increases with time. Develop immunity to any one allergen, the body begins to react to the new stuff, and so on to infinity, because the cause of allergies is still not resolved.

Get rid of the allergy will forever intestinal microflora

Scientists still can not name the exact cause of the allergy, why the same adverse environmental and technological conditions in some relatively healthy people cause allergies and others do not. But already found exactly what one of the main causes of allergies is to reduce the number of beneficial microflora in the gut colonization and its pathogenic microbes is called dysbiosis (dysbiosis).

Many people underestimate the lack of knowledge of the role of beneficial microflora for normal body function. Useful healthy human intestinal flora consists of 2-3 kg microorganisms which produce fiber of a variety of vitamins, hormones, amino acids, enzymes, hemoglobin and improve immunity, promote good assimilation of iron. In addition, the intestinal microflora and neutralizes harmful pathogens.

If a person prevails in the gut microflora useful, it copes with its tasks. If the number of beneficial microflora is reduced, which most often occurs with antibiotic treatment, it took place immediately pathogenic bacteria that without meeting resistance, are beginning to multiply, causing inflammation of the gastro – intestinal tract.

Then begin to destroy pathogenic microflora integrity of the intestinal mucosa, and decreases its protective barrier function, whereby allergens and toxins may enter freely into the body. In addition, pathogenic microflora begins to actively produce histamine and other substances promoting the development of allergy. Therefore, doctors have long known rule that the cure is dysbiosis, and allergic reactions immediately back down, appearing less frequently or disappear completely.

Dysbacteriosis contributes not only to the emergence of symptoms of allergies, but also metabolic disorders, cardiovascular and endocrine diseases and even depression. Scientists have found a clear link between the presence of dysbiosis and the level of anxiety a person who at dysbiosis increased almost 3 times. And the fact that the problems with the skin, hair and nails can not be removed any creams and cosmetics, without solving the problem of dysbiosis, long time it is not a secret.

Therefore, it can be said without exaggeration that the intestinal microflora is the key to the health of the body and each person has to take care of her, not only to get rid of all allergies, but also to avoid the many other diseases. For this it is necessary to organize your diet to a diet rich in plant-dominated fiber and fiber products, especially vegetables, fruits, cereals from whole grains, bran bread, and milk products.

If you want to be healthy, in any case, do not overeat, start a one-day fasting yourself to help the body as excess food is not digested and starts to rot in the gut, poisoning it. German physician Max Gerson, a lifetime studying the dependence of cancer from power in his book “The treatment of cancer,” says that in his research of 10,000 cancer cases, only one came from irreversible changes in the body, and all the rest of 9999 are the result of poisoning their own

If you regularly take care of the purity of his bowel and healthy nutrition necessary for the beneficial microflora, then not only will get rid of allergies, but in the future and avoid many serious diseases.