For What Needed Amino Acids?

amino acids, how to make amino acids, amino acids for weight loss, essential amino acids, amino acids for muscle growth, what are amino acidsAmino acids – are chemical compounds that comprise proteins. When the human digestive tract gets protein foods, using special enzymes, it is split into amino acids. Only then it can be assimilated. Small-sized molecules penetrate the amino acids from the intestine into the blood, and then the body can use them for their own purposes.

Amino acids perform many important functions in the body. They can be divided into plastic and energy. Plastic functions are built from amino acids of the protein molecules that make up all the tissues of our body. Because amino acids are not only bodies, but also biologically active substances: enzymes, certain hormones, neurotransmitters. The energy function is the splitting of the amino acids in order to release energy.

To maintain human life he needed only 20 species of amino acids, although they exist in nature much more. They are divided into three groups:

  • Interchangeable – can be synthesized in the body from chemical compounds having a non-protein origin;
  • Conditionally replaceable – are synthesized in a limited number;
  • Essential – are not synthesized in the body.

Man receives daily amino acids from food. Most of them are found in meat, fish, eggs, milk and other animal products. The richest vegetable source of protein is soy and other legumes, but they contain less essential amino acids.

What are amino acids common man?

Everyone needs amino acids. None of these chemical compounds, we can not synthesize protein. If the amino acids are no longer come from the outside, the body begins to break down its own tissues and organs, to compensate for their deficits. The absence of even one essential amino acid in the human diet leads to severe disease.

The source of these materials were previously only foods. Today amino acids produced by many pharmaceutical companies as supplements or drugs. Some of them are designed for the treatment of certain diseases, others are used by athletes to build muscle. With the purpose of treatment of amino acids into the reception – this is an expensive and inefficient pleasure.

There are many medications on the basis of amino acids, which are used for parenteral nutrition patients. If a person can not eat food alone, he poured the amino acid solutions intravenously. Often because of these drugs the doctors save patient lives, as in the period of severe illness when the body’s plastic processes are active, the body needs protein more than usual.

What are amino acids during training?

Most athletes who are engaged in bodybuilding, taking protein powders. They use it as an additional source of protein to build muscle mass quickly. Alternatively the protein amino acid solutions are applied. Pharmaceutical companies argue that they are more effective than the protein obtained from food as well as familiar to most athletes protein powders.

True or not? Most companies that produce amino acids for athletes, convince us of the veracity of this information. But their interest is obvious: the amino acids of the protein are much more expensive, so bring more income from sales. For the successful promotion of the product on the market was invented so-called “protein window” or “protein corridor”.

“Protein box” – a period of time after the workout, which is considered optimal for protein digestion. It is 40-50 minutes. During this period the athlete should learn the most protein to gain muscle growth. If the late bodybuilder, muscles will grow more slowly. But the protein from foods like protein powders, slowly digested, so the athlete has only one chance to catch up to the closing “window of protein”. To do this, take the amino acid solution.

Unlike the protein, amino acids absorbed from the intestine immediately without pretreatment with proteolytic enzymes. Their concentration in the blood rises sharply after 15-20 minutes after taking the supplements. Thus, a person has time to deliver the amino acids in muscle, while “protein window” remains open.

It is quite logical to study the benefits of amino acids in protein loved athletes. Very often in the specialized literature for bodybuilders can find information about the “protein window”. But studies have shown that intake of protein and amino acids provides identical results athletes during training. “Protein window” hardly exists, although the myth about him still wanders from book to book, stimulating the sale of free amino acids.

BCAA – three amino acids, most commonly used in the training. These include isoleucine, valine and leucine. It is these amino acids are part of the majority of sports supplements for bodybuilders. The main effects of BCAA:

  • The accelerated build-up of muscle mass;
  • Increasing strength athlete;
  • Reduction of body fat mass.

There is no doubt the benefits of BCAA bodybuilder. With them he will reach sports results. They are rapidly absorbed and have high bioavailability, are easy to use. But the lack of supplements based on amino acids BCAA is the price. They are expensive, but a similar result can be obtained by an athlete using whey protein.

Amino BCAA available in different dosage forms. There capsules and solutions, but less likely to take the supplement in powder form. It is recognized that the powder is less convenient to use: it is poorly soluble in the liquid and has a bitter taste. Ready amino acid solutions are tastier, more convenient to use and transport, but are more expensive.

Take BCAA recommended 1 teaspoon (4-5 grams), from 1 to 3 times a day. Amino acids are allowed to be combined with any other sports nutrition. Of course, it makes no sense to take them together with protein, since these additives have the same mechanism of action, although some people do it to save money.

Amino acids – are chemical substances, of which built all the proteins in our body. A person must receive them regularly with food to stay healthy. Athletes who are building up the muscles need additional source of amino acids. Especially important for them leucine, valine, isoleucine, which are abbreviated as BCAA. Supplements containing amino acids, convenient to use and easily digested. However, they are expensive, so as a source of amino acids most athletes use a cheaper but equally effective protein powder.

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