Fitness During Menstruation

Fitness during menstruationOn this point there are different opinions. Most people do not accept the “intermediate” options are the supporters of a categorical “no” or “yes”. The first show that during menstruation sports is clearly prohibited, because “these days, even on the physical education free”, while the latter argue that the first – a “freeloader” who are too sorry for yourself and make excuses for their laziness. Ostensibly, they simply do not want to once again rise to the sofa and go to the gym or to the stadium… In general, the two positions are not supported by any reasonable arguments and certainties – the emotions and own assumptions. Well, we look at how really things, and whether monthly about the “hang” of workouts.

What is menstruation?

Menstruation – a rejection of the uterine mucosa, which occurs under the influence of hormones. The presence of menstruation – is one of the main signs of “consistency” of the female body.

Each month the uterus prepares for the possible implantation of the embryo, in other words, to pregnancy. Therefore, it is the mucous membrane (endometrium) grows gradually, becoming more “thick”, it increases the number of vessels. This is necessary in order to ensure that the embryo expected a decent supply of nutrients.

About a week after ovulation (egg release from the ovaries), which accounts for about 10-14 day cycle, the state of the mucous optimal for the development of the ovum. It is 5-6 mm layer of well-perfused epithelial cells.

If pregnancy does not occur, the endometrium thickens. In the end, it becomes a cell so much that the uterine vessels simply lose their ability to feed. Therefore mucous is rejected; The “bursting” vessels, and bleeding occurs. Actually, this is menstruation.

Description of the process looks pretty grim and unpleasant, but the first day of the monthly body again “taken up the old” and again starts optimistically preparing for a possible pregnancy. Run active processes of regeneration (recovery), and monthly stop.

All cyclic changes run hormones at the beginning of the cycle (about 2 weeks from the first day of menstruation) in the body increases the content of estrogen in the second half increased levels of progesterone. The fact that all this means – below.

What happens in the body during menstruation and how it is reflected in the athletic achievements?

So, during menstruation a woman’s body is going through a fairly large-scale changes, which is accompanied by changes in health and response to exercise.

Hormonal storm. High blood levels of progesterone is replaced by increase of estrogen levels. Progesterone causes accumulation of fluid in the body, it improves the extensibility of tissue. However, against the background of its high content of muscle relaxation occurs, thereby reducing the physical strength and endurance. For this reason, in the first 1-2 days monthly until little estrogen and progesterone much sprinting and power load perceived by women worse than usual. But stretching exercises, on the contrary, a better work out.

3-4 day weakness caused by hormonal storm reduced. Estrogens are growing, and they are – a kind of hormones, anabolic steroids.

Blood loss. Almost all Internet resources assert that during menstruation is a loss of blood, so the woman is reduced hemoglobin levels, which means that tissues receive less oxygen. On this basis, some advise to give up loads or doing gymnastics on the type of “two imbedded – three cotton”.

However, this is not entirely correct. First, the female body is genetically adapted to blood loss. If you’ve ever been on blood collection points, then we saw that among donors to faint after giving blood fall mostly men. Second, the blood loss is not as great as it seems. On average, it is 80-100 ml for all time periods. For the body is almost invisible, and hemoglobin almost not reflected.

Another thing, if a woman or heavy menstruation, especially violations of the cycle in which the menstrual period is prolonged. There really need to spare yourself. But in other cases, if the load is well tolerated, it is not a necessity.

Bad feeling. Someone feels absolutely adequate at any day of the cycle, but for someone periods become almost a tragedy. Hormonal changes, certain features of the body and the presence of so-called oligomenorrhea (painful menstruation) can provide an unforgettable woman “critical days”.

Some of the girls during the time of menstruation (stronger in the early days) complain of headaches, nausea, bad mood, severe pain in the abdomen, weakness, dizziness. Is all this a contraindication to physical exercise? Of course, yes. If you feel unwell training for the benefit will not go and will only torment.

We hope that the content of the previous section, you realize that there is no single answer, to determine the sports activities during menstruation should be individually.

A woman can not carry the load, or need to schedule them gently if they are accompanied by abdominal pain and general poor health.

In other cases, you can engage in moderate-intensity workouts, nothing terrible will happen. Professional athletes are never asked to release them from employment and competition if they have the “wrong” days. And nothing…

Another important point. Many online resources contain information that during menstruation can not practice the exercises on the abs, as it can increase bleeding and abdominal discomfort. If in your case, they are accompanied by “side effects”, they are really better to take time off.

But we would advise you to exercise more to fear on the buttocks and thighs. The fact that the rear of the hip muscles are indirectly connected with the ligaments of the fallopian tubes. Therefore, active walking, running, leads the feet back, deep squat tube tightened and that “disturbs” the uterus and can cause the appearance of spastic abdominal pain and increased bleeding.

Let’s hope this post has helped you answer the question: “Can I play sports during menstruation?” Adequately plan the schedule of sports activities, listen to their feelings during and after workouts, choose the “right” exercise, and menstruation does not prevent you keep yourself in the form and lead an active life.

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