Features and External Hemorrhoid Treatment

Features and external hemorrhoid treatment Below the skin anus are located veins of external hemorrhoidal plexus. Expansion and inflammation of these veins is called external hemorrhoids. Formed in this hemorrhoids hanging outside the anal ring on the edge. They are skin folds, which can be large in the form of large petals.

Such external hemorrhoids usually cause discomfort when moving, irritate the skin of the anus. Also, accompanied by itching and maceration. This variety of the disease may be caused by stagnation of blood in the anal area. In the absence of inflammation such hemorrhoids do not bleed and do not hurt! As a rule, they are symptoms of hemorrhoids combined and indicator of a pathological condition of the rectum.

However, inflammation of internal hemorrhoids and other acute anorectal disorders external hemorrhoids may become congestive phase. In this case, there are large purple knots.

Also external hemorrhoids are prone to thrombosis. In the acute phase of thrombosis can be very painful. It lasts for two to four days. Not uncommon at this place bleeding and ulceration of the site. After the pain subsides, the inflamed site gradually decreases and then disappears. This usually is a skin fold near the anus. It can deliver a lot of inconvenience – from the itching and burning to discharge from the anus. External hemorrhoid treatment of with acute thrombosis may be different. When a doctor prescribes pain bearable anesthetics and special therapy. If the pain is hard to bear, hemorrhoid is removed surgically. The intervention is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

External hemorrhoids and treatment of its symptoms

Before you assign a therapy or other forms of treatment, doctor determines present whether the patient has symptoms of anal hemorrhoids external, internal, or combined form.

Symptoms may appear as follows: – There is a feeling wet anus. – Pain in the anus. – There are itching and burning. – Bleeding occurs during or after a bowel movement. – There are bulging or prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Usually, the diagnosis “External hemorrhoids” Becoming a doctor When patients do not have pain from the resulting knots. This disease can pass itself or gradually calm down and appear again. However its more severe form – complications in the form thrombosis – affords a person the lot of nuisances. Some experts believe that such an acute form should not neglect in any case. Necessary as soon as possible ask qualified doctor, because of possible more serious complications including cancer of the rectum.

Each stage of the external hemorrhoids requires a specific approach.

External hemorrhoid treatment may need: – In the conservative method of exposure. – The surgical method of exposure. – The operational method of exposure.

A complex effect aimed at elimination of inflammation of the anus, as well as the regulation of blood circulation in the rectum, normalization of intestinal peristalsis, called conservative of external hemorrhoid treatment. Usually it is in the local and general therapy. Are used proved themselves pharmaceutical drugs. Moreover, are produced special procedures and used drugs for local effects on external hemorrhoids including drug “Venapro Hemorrhoid Formula”.

When inflammatory processes repeated periodically, especially at the stage of remission, surgery may be required.

In acute complications, the same thrombosis and bleeding heavily, pathological prolapsed of internal knots resorting to surgery.

When hemorrhoids is a complex disease, that is, there are internal and external knots, you should carefully choose the treatment. It also must be versatile, able to eliminate the whole range of symptoms. Usually in these cases, the external knots are a result of strong internal breaches in the anus. This anal hemorrhoids will require both special diet and physical activity, of gymnastic exercises and drug treatments, local effects on the internal and external knots via suppositories, ointments or gels.

Man again will acquire the moral and physical well-being, if the time to identify external hemorrhoids and to treat its symptoms to use effective comprehensive measures.

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