Diet on Cellulose

Diet on celluloseThere are many effective diets for weight loss. But people in the majority of cases they do not lose weight because they refuse to low-calorie food in just a few days after the decision on the fight against obesity. Blame – hunger, tormented man due to reduced caloric intake. To avoid it, and to increase the effectiveness of the diet, cellulose can be used. Let’s talk about how it works, and what kind of weight-loss schemes are applied to cellulose to date.

Perhaps you’ve read online that cellulose reduces appetite, cleanses the body of toxins, normalizes metabolism, restores hormonal balance, metabolism. Most of this information – is not true. Cellulose fills the stomach, and this is its main function.

The real benefits of using cellulose in the diet to lose weight:

  • prolongs the feeling of satiety;
  • It reduces the rate of digestion of carbohydrates.

Cellulose does not burn fat. This is just a means of improving portability of low-calorie diets. You can reduce caloric intake, and thereby lose weight. Cellulose will reduce hunger and significantly reduce the probability of failure of the diet.

For any diet on cellulose itself, you will need cellulose. Where to get it? It is sold in pharmacies in the form of medicines or bioactive agents. Method of production – powders that are dosed spoons or pills. The last is more expensive but more convenient dosing, and, moreover, do not contain extra calories.

Cellulose is simple to manufacture, has a low cost, so it is produced by many companies.

Siberian cellulose can not be purchased at pharmacies, but can be purchased from the members of this network of the company or to order via the Internet. Please note that the price may vary significantly at different sites and by different retailer. But in any case, such a cellulose is cheaper than microcrystalline cellulose from the pharmacy.

There are many diets on the cellulose and yogurt. Some of them – short designed for 1-3 weeks. Others – long recommended for use over several years or even a lifetime. Let us discuss a few of these diets.

Diet for a week. Within 7 days of the foundation of the diet of yogurt and cellulose. In total you need every day to drink 4 glasses of fermented milk beverage. It should add 2 tablespoons cellulose. Do not forget that the whole week you should drink plenty of water – preferably up to 2.5 liters per day. As a snack between meals, you are allowed to eat per day 200 g of raw vegetables or fruits.

The diet for 3 weeks. In the morning you eat porridge without salt. At lunch – steamed vegetables and chicken breast. At dinner – only a cup of yogurt with cellulose. Also, one glass should drink 15 minutes before breakfast and dinner. Thus, all your daily diet consists of two meals and 3 glasses of yogurt with cellulose.

Fasting days. The essence of the method of losing weight is by organizing weekly fasting days, during which time allowed for the day to drink a liter of yogurt. On the glass is necessary to put 1-2 tablespoons of cellulose.

Long-term diet. One of the power supply circuit is recommended for long-term use. Diet is used as long as the weight reaches the desired values for you. Further it can be applied in the “light” mode to maintain body weight within acceptable limits. The essence of this diet is that the size of portions is reduced by half, and before every meal you take a cup of yogurt with 1-2 tablespoons of cellulose.

The power supply circuit, where the basis of the diet is protein foods and cellulose, is one of the variants of the protein diet. Weight loss occurs to a greater extent by limiting carbohydrates less – because of the reduction of the total caloric intake. For this diet is not used in the pharmacy purchased cellulose – the organism gets her vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and other plant foods.

  1. Each meal should consist of foods that contain large amounts of cellulose and protein foods (meat, fish, milk, eggs, legumes, seafood).

  2. Prohibited fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods (sweets, flour products, cereals, potatoes).

Diet lasts up to a full normalization of weight. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Pluses diet on protein and cellulose:

  • good tolerability – varied menu, tasty food, no hunger;
  • a gradual but steady weight loss effect.

Lows in the diet cellulose and protein:

  • harmful to health (it is better not to sit on such a diet with liver disease, kidney disease, endocrine abnormalities);
  • the need for specialized knowledge (need to have data on the chemical composition of food and products – to know how much they contain cellulose, protein, carbohydrate, cellulose);
  • high cost (protein food are more expensive cereals, pasta, potatoes).

It should be borne in mind that the diet should be held in a total ban on the carbohydrate-rich foods, especially pastries. The slightest deviation from this rule leads to the complete ineffectiveness of diet.

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