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Diet for the Skin

Diet for the skin There are contraindications, consult your doctor.

Every woman wants to have a clean, beautiful, well-groomed, youthful skin. The youngest must be skin on the face, as her every day see the surrounding. To be beautiful, a woman uses cosmetics and skin care products, but this is not always enough. To skin remains smooth and youthful, you need proper nutrition.

Usually diet does not last long - a week, two weeks, a month, sometimes more. Still, any diet sooner or later ends. For beautiful skin one week or one month is not enough nutrition. Follow dietary recommendations you have for life.

Through nutrition, you can not stop the aging process of your skin. You still will be wrinkles, whatever you do. Nature is relentless, and with the passage of time it takes away from the beauty of women. But for sure you pay attention, that in 50 years, a woman looks like an old woman, while for the other, the same age as her, still invited on a date a man.

Someone facial skin aging earlier, and someone later. Diet - is one of the ways to keep the skin in good condition. You should consume enough of:

  1. Vitamins. Have you ever noticed that the writing on the banks with vitamins pharmaceutical companies? Usually there can be read, that multivitamin preparation will improve the condition of your skin. However, the vitamins can be obtained not only from the cans. They are full of in food. Eat more vegetables, fruits. Regularly eat liver - it has accumulated a huge amount of vitamins.

  2. Water. When the body lacks fluids, skin becomes dry, limp, ugly. It is necessary to drink water regularly. If your body is constantly in a state of dehydration, the skin of your face will quickly become flabby and wrinkled.

  3. PUFAs. Polyunsaturated fatty acids should be present continuously in the diet. The use flaxseed oil and fish as their source.

  4. Iron. Do not iron deficiency in the body. It is part of the protein hemoglobin, which carries oxygen. Naturally, the chronic oxygen starvation of the skin over time is not well reflected in your face. Iron is found in:

  5. Antioxidants. The substances that destroy free radicals, slow down skin aging. Therefore, your diet must be present in large quantities fruits contain antioxidants in abundance. Many of them also present in green tea.

Women with problem skin constantly have to deal with the emerging pigmentation in the face, red spots, inflammatory elements. She sweats, gaining weight, and shows the black dots and white pimples. To face skin looked normal, you need to use cosmetics, do cosmetic procedures. But diet is also able to assist in the fight against skin problems.

The following products should be restricted:

  1. Sweets. It is believed that the confectionery increase the likelihood of skin inflammatory elements. It is not known, however, these or not. But in any case, limit sweets will not be superfluous, since it is well reflected not only on the face, but also in the figure.

  2. Water in the evening. Water is essential to the skin of the face lacked moisture. It should not dry. But excess water in the evening will cause swelling on the face in the morning. The more frequently in the morning you will suffer from edema, the faster you will have wrinkles. Therefore, from late teas should be abandoned.

  3. Alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are harmful to all organs and systems. Of course, alcohol and harm the skin. If you do not believe me, look, it looks like the skin of women who abuse alcohol. 40 They are worse than some 60.

  4. Coffee. On some sites, you can read that coffee appear on the skin pigmentation. Apparently, this assumption is due to the black beverage. It is unlikely that coffee you will have pigmentation on the face. But for problem skin drink it is harmful, because it enhances the separation of sebum.

  5. Sol. From her appear edema. For this reason, if you have problem skin, better to limit the intake of salt. This does not mean that you should eat salted insufficiently dishes. Just give up salted fish, chips, cheese suluguni and other products containing salt in excessive quantities.

There diet for cleaning intestines, kidneys, blood, or whole organism. Diet for cleansing the face too. Another thing is how effective it is? A woman who wants to clean the skin, it is recommended to use:

There are diets that have a duration of 3, 7 or 10 days, and the alleged need to make your skin cleaner. In fact, to purify it, it is not enough food. To do this, you need:

  • treating the skin with special lotions;
  • visit a beautician and perform cleaning procedures.

None of these products, you make eating the skin of your face clean. First of all, you should pay attention to skin care and lifestyle that you lead.

Oily skin - a real problem for women. It should not just wipe the face with a napkin, as a person immediately becomes unkempt appearance. For oily skin, constantly emerging inflammatory elements, and it can not please women. Unfortunately, this problem can not be solved with diet. The skin does not become less oily, if you limit the amount of fat in their diets.

You may want to reduce the consumption of the following products:

Theoretically, such a diet can make your skin a little less fatty. But in practice, no significant difference you will likely not see. Therefore, use cosmetics, drugs to reduce sebum production, regularly visit a beautician. The only way to significantly reduce the oiliness of the skin and the amount of acne on the face.