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Depression, Anxiety and Fear - Not a Sentence, All Curable

Depression, anxiety and fear - not a sentence, all curable Depression is treated successfully with antidepressants. The problem of depression and other psycho-emotional disorders in this age of high speed is very urgent.

According to the WHO, the scale and speed of the spread of this disease are devastating, on the heels of such a “popular” diseases such as stroke, heart attack and diabetes. And the age of patients getting younger – if earlier depression affecting people after 40 years, but now the problem is widespread and adolescence.

According to the same WHO, now every fourth – fifth of the Earth suffers what – or mental disorders, and by 2020 it is expected that depression will be the first in the world in disease.

However, do not confuse the real, medical depression with the usual blues and just a bad mood, because, at the household level depression – is sadness, grief and anguish. If you have just the blues, then there are many ways to cheer yourself and force of will to withdraw from this state.

Many people are faced with the phenomenon of temporary loss of mood and vitality, and everyone finds themselves out of this situation, what – something out. Who – is beginning to go hard in the gym who – that finds relief in the church, some with just dipped his head into some interesting job or hobby, alternate setting or go to rest. But if, unfortunately, you caught a real depression, then just your efforts will, unfortunately, will not be enough.

Depression, according to the definition in Wikipedia – is a mental disorder that is characterized by constantly depressed mood, loss of ability to experience pleasure, low self-esteem, and the complete loss of interest in life, and to that previously happy. The fact is that depression and mood decline is easily explained on a chemical level, and due to lack of production of the hormone serotonin in the body.

The role of this hormone in the human body is impressive – he is responsible for the process of cognitive activity, locomotor activity and muscle tone. But most importantly, it creates in us a sense of lifting mood and happiness, and so it is called the hormone of happiness. Normal levels of serotonin gives a person self-control, emotional and stress.

Some researchers have found that people who are dominant in society, have high levels of serotonin. People with a low level of serotonin, on the contrary, self-control, emotional stress and so reduced that the slightest pretexts are stressful, and as a result, depressed.

Very often people who are depressed, not knowing what was happening to them and trying to dull the emotional pain and anxiety begin to take alcohol or psychotropic substances, and this signing his own death warrant, because with the help of drugs and alcohol can only be purchased chronic alcoholism or drug addiction, In this case, the craving for alcohol and drug abuse is secondary and serves the purpose of relieving anxiety and tension inherent in depression.

Moreover, the relatives of a person suffering from depression and alcohol secondary lapsed into alcoholism, of course, the best of intentions, are his “encode” to eliminate the pernicious craving for alcohol. But we must understand that “coding” refers to the psycho-terrorist methods and is based on an elementary intimidation sick that he could not lead a person to recovery, since no alcohol, no depression can not be cured in this way.

The big problem also lies in the fact that in our country are depressed people, especially young men, are often embarrassed to admit their psycho – emotional problems, ignore the problem and do not seek medical attention, thereby only exacerbating their condition.

Depression, as mentioned above, the only cure at will or not alcohol. This disease is treated with special drugs, which are called antidepressants, their effect on the regulation of the level of serotonin in the brain. There are so many antidepressants and use them to learn to successfully treat depression. Although long-term treatment and under mandatory supervision of a physician, but defeat disease is now possible once and for all.

Ashamed of their condition is not necessary, because it is the same disease as any other. Depression does not destroy the mind and human intelligence, it just does not allow him to live fully, and in a state of neglect often even leads to suicide.

Depression affects many of the greatest and brightest of today. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill struggled all his life with depression and called it “the black dog that with me all my life.”

Therefore, if you are suffering from depression and she does not go alone for a long time, do not worry, nothing bad has happened to you, just dropped us a much-needed level of the hormone serotonin. Entrust your problems doctor and competent therapist with the necessary medicines will return the joy in your life.