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cottage cheese diet maggi menuDiet Maggi and its variety – egg and cheese – has been repeatedly mentioned earlier. About the egg we discussed in great detail, the time came to light the principles cheese Maggi, which enjoys enough popular among people who want to lose weight.

It can be described as: a low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb, high-protein. At first glance, perfect, containing no food components, is converted into fat, and includes only the necessary nutrients for life. In general, this diet is really very effective and, importantly, not “hungry”, but it has its drawbacks, which we will touch upon later.

Diet lasts 4 weeks, and during this time you need to follow a well-defined menu, which occupies a central place cottage cheese. Excesses and going beyond the list of approved products is prohibited; not recommended even pick up food analogues suggested, for example, replace the chicken. If the menu designated fruit or vegetables, among the first need not choose sweet (grape, melon, dried fruit, bananas), and among the second preference amyloid (especially potatoes).

Be sure to drink at least two liters of fluid per day; it can be tea, coffee, mineral water. Sweetening drinks, of course, impossible.

Creator warned that the slightest deviation from the prescribed diet – and diet does not work, stop ubavka weight, kilograms and then come back, so that any failure of supposedly required to start a diet again. We can not say that this statement seems to be true; This is likely just some measure of deterrence, which raises awareness at losing weight and motivates them to the strict implementation of the rules of cottage cheese diet Maggie. But in fact, rare and small errors in the menu do not carry such harm, as promised harsh author so casually allowing freedom in the diet, it is not necessary to return to the menu, the first day of the diet and then resign ourselves to a month of severe deprivation. This is not only pointless, but for some people may not be useful, given the kind of load on the body creates a high-protein diet either.

Menu curd diet Maggi

It is not particularly different from the egg option, the biggest difference is that instead of eggs is recommended to use low-fat cottage cheese.

Day 1. Morning: fruit, 200 g of cottage cheese. Day: any fruit. Evening: a little bit of beef, vegetable salad.

Day 2. Morning: Same Day 1. Day: boiled chicken breast. Evening: fish, vegetable salad, 1 slice of the dried bread, 1 grapefruit or orange.

Day 3. Morning: Same Day 1. Day: low-fat cheese or cottage cheese, 1 slice of the dried bread, tomatoes. Evening: meat, vegetables.

Day 4. Morning: the same. Day: any fruit. Evening: meat, vegetables.

Day 5. Morning: as the day 1. Day: 2 eggs, vegetables. Evening: fish, vegetables, 1 orange or a grapefruit.

Day 6. Morning: as the day 1. Day: any fruit. Evening: meat, vegetables.

Day 7. Morning: as the day 1. Day: chicken, cooked vegetables, tomatoes, 1 grapefruit or orange. Evening: boiled vegetables.

Day 1. Morning: The same as in the first week. Day: cottage cheese and vegetables. Evening: fish, vegetables, grapefruit or orange.

Day 4. Morning: the same. Day of cheese or cottage cheese, plus any vegetables. Evening: meat or fish, vegetables.

Day 5. Morning: the same. Day: fish (shrimp), vegetables. Evening: fruit, cottage cheese.

Day 6. Morning: the same. Day: meat, grapefruit or orange tomatoes. Evening: any fruit.

Day 7. Morning: the same. Day: chicken, tomatoes, boiled vegetables, grapefruit or orange. Evening: the same as during the day.

In the third and fourth week of the list of products provided for the whole day, the products are distributed on the meals yourself.

Day 3. Boiled vegetables, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit.

Day 1. A little meat or chicken (200 g), 2 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, fruit, 1 slice of bread, the dried, Bank of canned tuna without oil.

Day 2. Similarly, only without the chicken (you can meat) and tuna.

Day 3. 400 grams of cottage cheese, a piece of boiled vegetables, 2 tomato and cucumber 1 slice of bread, fruit.

Day 4. Chicken 500 g, 3 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 slice of bread, the dried fruit.

Day 6. The hen, a little cheese or cottage cheese, 1 slice of bread, 2 cucumbers and tomatoes, fruit, yogurt.

Day 7. 400 g of cottage cheese, a portion of boiled vegetables, cans of tuna, 2 tomato and cucumber, the dried slice of bread, fruit.

This diet is over, however, limit caloric intake to maintain the progress achieved is to comply in the future. Furthermore, the transition to its regular diet recommended gradually for about a week.

Reviews and Results

As already mentioned, the diet is in great demand – first of all, because it allows us to achieve significant results. On average, it can help people manage to lose 5 to 10 kilos, depending on the amount of food eaten (at home several days a number of foods you can eat all you want, but it is a great temptation), and level of physical activity.

Against the background of fitness rate of weight loss, as might be expected, increases, but many note that due to the low power energy value of their sporting achievements largely affected: fatigue sets in more quickly, decreasing resistance to stress. If it appears moderately and fatigue does not apply to daily activities, do not pay attention to it: a little lack of energy against the backdrop of high-protein food is natural and expected. That it brings you as little as possible of experiences, choose those kinds of loads, which are easier for you, such as jogging or swimming breaststroke instead of strength training.

Contraindications and precautions

A person with good health can go without losing much required 4 weeks curd diet Maggi, but the presence of certain diseases such change of the composition of food can be dangerous. It is contraindicated for people suffering from constipation, exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (any!), To patients with liver disease, and especially with kidney disease, accompanied by violation of their functions. These people attempt to lose weight through diet Maggie can end is not particularly impressive. At best, they just have to interrupt their efforts and left with nothing, and at worst it leads to hospitalization.

To diet have harmed before its compliance costs to make sure that your health will not fail. If there is any doubt on this score, not too lazy to visit their primary care physician and nutritionist, both professionals and ask the same question as in your case it is advisable to observance of cheese diet. Do not worry if you advise to choose some other method of weight loss, even if he will not be as efficient and fast. The main thing that should interest you – it does not desire to put on as soon as possible is that little dress or jeans, and the ability to safely lose weight by following a diet that you can enjoy life and its “new” figure, and not to pass long-term treatment of its consequences.

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