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Colonoscopy and Hemorrhoids - Effective Diagnostic Method

Colonoscopy – an excellent diagnosis of hemorrhoids. To detect internal hemorrhoidal nodes enough rectoscopy (using proctoscope). Colonoscopy and hemorrhoids is performed to diagnose problems of the colon and the sigmoid colon, located above the rectum, which can not be examined rectoscope. But we should not forget that this procedure is carried out not only for diagnostic purposes. It allows you to make removal of polyps and stop excessive bleeding. Colonoscopy and hemorrhoids is usually carried out just when we need it urgently to stop the bleeding, cauterize varice. This procedure is performed to confirm the diagnosis, as well as in cases of suspected presence of other gastrointestinal diseases (ulcers, tumors, Crohn’s disease, etc.).

Colonoscopy helps proctologist make a visual assessment of the colon mucosa her. An additional advantage – the ability to perform therapeutic manipulation, up to the removal of tumors, recanalization of the sigmoid colon. Extraction of foreign bodies. The device, which is made by examination – a colonoscope. The apparatus comprises a flexible probe of the LEDs. He “knows” how to take photos, guides you through the fence on the analysis of tissue (biopsy), remove growths of tissue. Image of the surface of the colon is displayed on the computer screen.

Colonoscopy – is one of the most important methods of diagnosis of sigmoid, colon and rectum. Doctors offering this procedure, based on the following symptoms:

Blood in the stool (typical symptoms of hemorrhoids, and many other diseases); Difficulty in bowel movements (constipation); State of intoxication (weakness, loss of appetite); Diseases of rectum and colon in history, polyps; Diarrhea; Sharp loss of total body weight.

Procedure has no contraindications. Side effects in rare cases, a puncture of the bowel wall. The time of the diagnosis from an hour to one hour. If an outpatient colonoscopy, the patient waits in the hospital a couple of hours. In order to be able to in the event of fever, dizziness, abdominal pain, bleeding, consult a doctor immediately.

Patients over 50 years as a regular colonoscopy shows the annual survey. In the presence of family pathologies line the colon should begin to be surveyed before, without waiting for the first call from serious illness. Assigning you to this procedure, the doctor decided to dispel the doubts he had accumulated, to confirm or reject the diagnosis. Medical error – the serious consequences for the body.