Cleaning Vessels Folk Remedies

After cleaning the vessels are headaches and pressure Cleaning of vessels and keeping them in good condition is the key to health and longevity, because healthy blood vessels – is a guarantee of the normal state of circulatory and cardiovascular system and the prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart attacks and strokes.

As you know, with age wear vessels – they gradually thicken, lose their elasticity and become brittle, and their walls are jagged and rough.

They eventually deposited layer of salt, fat lime, cholesterol, preventing blood flow and form plaques.

Intrigue atherosclerosis is that at first it goes unnoticed and does not provide any clinical symptoms, so such terrible its complications such as heart attack or stroke may suddenly strike is considered quite healthy person. Only by narrowing the blood vessels of more than 50% of the characteristic symptoms begin to appear atherosclerotic lesions.

Here are the main features of the “bad” blood vessels, which is necessary to pay close attention to and which indicate the need to do their cleaning and consolidation:

If it affects the blood vessels of the brain – the deterioration of memory and concentration, headaches, dizziness, decreased vision and hearing, loss of performance.

If it affects the blood vessels of the heart – shortness of breath, angina.

Atherosclerosis extremities – cramps in the legs, chill the extremities, muscle pain when walking, skin blanching legs.

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