Citrus Diet for Weight Loss. Diet Menus on Citrus, Reviews, Recipes

altCitrus diet – it’s a great way to cleanse the body and get rid of excess weight, suitable for those who like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, mandarins and pomelo.

Citrus diet slimming: the essence, the benefits and features

The main feature of citrus diet for weight loss is considered to be the ability to citrus fat burning.

Everybody knows, for example, is used in many grapefruit weight correction techniques due to the presence therein arginine – a substance that promotes the safe destruction of fat cells.

Other products from the diet on citrus are also of great benefit to the body:

  • Lemons normalize hormonal balance, stabilize your metabolism, remove toxins and waste products;
  • Oranges are rich in ascorbic acid, improves cellular metabolism, lower cholesterol, stimulate digestion and strengthen the immune system;
  • Mandarins restore the balance of vitamins, improve the patient’s condition at colds;
  • Pomelo strengthens the heart muscle, normalizes the functioning of all systems of the body, increases the elasticity of vessel walls.

The benefits of citrus diet are as follows:

  • All citrus fruits are well satisfy hunger, so move the diet is not too difficult, despite the rather “hungry” menu;
  • With this power technique can completely clean your body of harmful substances and strengthen the immune system;
  • This power supply system is quite effective, and allows you to lose weight in a short time.

Any diet has its drawbacks, and this – is no exception:

  • Some of the menu is still very poor, and the feeling of hunger will periodically visit;
  • The diet is not suitable for people with allergies, because citrus can trigger the emergence of allergies. It is also forbidden to resort to such a weight loss during pregnancy, breastfeeding or if you have any chronic diseases.

How many kilos of leaves on citrus diet

Because quite strict menus, weight loss on citrus lets throw 5-7 kilos per week, at the same time every day turns out not to consume more than 1,000 calories. Another issue is whether the amounts spent on citrus diet: indeed, literally disappears in 3-4 days bulging tummy, but things can return to their circles, if at the end of a low-calorie diet to begin again to eat fatty foods.

What products, besides citrus, may be present in the menu:

  • Eggs;
  • Dairy products;
  • Juices;
  • Porridge;
  • Low-fat types of fish and meat;
  • Vegetables;
  • Greenery.

What is forbidden to use:

  • Any fatty, salted, smoked or pickled foods;
  • Pickles and Sweets.

Citrus Diet: Rules, menus, popular recipes

Slimming rules citrus diet:

  • It is necessary to drink as much purified water to accelerate the excretion of excess fluid, and as a result – weight loss;
  • It is not allowed the presence of other foods during monodiets and when weight loss occurs only on two specific dishes.

Citrus diet for 3 days

Express-method allows to get rid of 3 kg of excess weight, eating according to this principle:

  • Every day, eat up to 1.2 kg of any citrus fruit;
  • We drink 1 glass of water every 1.5-2 hours.

Citrus diet for 4 weeks

To lose up to 15 kilograms, you need to eat any food allowed, using this example menu:

  • We have breakfast grapefruit, unsweetened tea and a loaf;
  • For lunch we drink 200 grams of fat-free yogurt;
  • Lunch with any kind of citrus fruit in unlimited quantities;
  • Supper boiled meat and vegetable salad.

Egg – citrus diet

The duration of such a diet should not exceed three days:

  • We have breakfast 200 grams of orange juice;
  • For lunch we eat boiled soft-boiled egg;
  • Lunch grapefruit juice (200 ml), and a jar of low-fat yogurt;
  • Afternoon snack boiled egg;
  • For dinner, drink orange juice (1 cup).

Dieting on citrus juice

Throughout the week, you need to strictly adhere to the following diet:

  • In the morning we eat two boiled eggs, ½ grapefruit;
  • For lunch we eat oranges and drinking orange juice in any quantity;
  • We have supper cooked rice (100 g), and orange juice.

Protein – citrus diet

Within 8 days allowed to eat any citrus fruits, dairy products, fish and meat:

  • We have breakfast low-fat yogurt and four mandarins;
  • Lunch portion of boiled buckwheat with added prunes, drink a glass of juice;
  • Lemon drink and an afternoon snack tangerine;
  • Supper grapefruit with honey, tea and loaf.

Dieting on citrus fruits and yogurt

This menu can be used for the three days of discharge:

  • We drink every day up to 1 liter of 1% kefir;
  • Eat up 1 kg of any citrus fruit.

Dieting on citrus and chicken

In this case, as permitted, and 100 grams of cheese per day, and so you can not eat more than a week:

  • We have breakfast grapefruit and cottage cheese;
  • For lunch we eat 100 grams of boiled chicken breast;
  • Lunch any citrus;
  • Afternoon snack chicken;
  • Supper citrus.

Fish – citrus diet

For those who are more like fish than chicken, fits this menu:

  • Oranges have breakfast in any amount;
  • For lunch drink citrus juice;
  • Lunch cooked fish and orange fruit;
  • Afternoon snack juice;
  • At dinner, lunch, diet repeat.

Citrus fruit – vegetable diet

This menu can be used no more than 10 days:

  • We have breakfast a couple of apples and oranges;
  • For lunch we drink a cup of tea;
  • Lunch vegetable salad;
  • Afternoon snack glass of orange juice;
  • We have supper of boiled beef and greens.

Citrus fat burning diet for weight loss: reviews, results, real stories slimming

Doctors have a wide variety of specializations do not approve strict diet menus on citrus, as overreliance on such fruit can increase the acidity of the stomach and lead to a variety of disorders.

The optimal duration of weight loss – not more than a week. The only exception is the diet for up to a month: it is balanced, and not likely to cause significant harm to health.

Very important is the correct way of citrus diet:

  • In the first week you need to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables on the menu;
  • Starting with the second – to introduce more fish and meat.

Diet for weight loss results on citrus fruits in general a positive effect on the body, if you do not abuse the technique and use it no more than three times a year:

  • Normalization of metabolism;
  • Enhance immunity;
  • Improving the appearance of the skin;
  • Rapid weight loss.

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