Body Wraps for Weight Loss Belly

Body wraps for weight loss bellyHow should look like your belly so you can feel free to wear tight shirts and short tops? Some girls like sports press – absolutely flat stomach with a hint of “cubes”. Others prefer a more feminine option – a combination of a thin waist with a faint soft roundness below the navel; just so perfect tummy looks at the owners figure “hourglass”, and not just in this case, it looks perfectly piercing. Unfortunately, for many people neither one nor the other is not available, and they do not even know how to actually look like their waist, because it is hidden under the more or less visible fat layer. How to lose weight? Some are used for different types of wraps. In this article we will describe some of the most popular body wraps for weight loss belly and talk about their performance.

Vinegar wraps

As they are made. Dining room (ie diluted) vinegar moistened cloth, the size suitable for the desired part of the body. Fabric slightly drained, is wrapped in 1-2 layers (depending on the thickness of material) around the waist and leave all approximately 30-40 minutes. On top of the fabric should not be any clothes you need to vinegar is evaporated. After the procedure, the skin is rinsed with water.

Expected effect. During evaporation means the skin surface to which it is applied, it is cooled; on the same principle based vinegar rubdown in patients with fever. At the same time, low body temperature contributes to the fact that the body begins to waste energy on heating, spending reserves of calories available.

Comparing these two well-known fact, supporters of vinegar wraps claim if such procedures cause the burning of fat in the body is applied to the vinegar. In addition, it is assumed, if the vitamins, minerals and acids that means a positive effect on the skin and can even reduce the size and depth of stretch marks. Whatever it said, the experts?

The real effect of the procedure. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of vinegar wraps is greatly exaggerated, their real effect – almost zero. Why? Firstly, during their cooling of the skin is not so much that the body began to actively warmed. Secondly, under the local effect of low temperature energy is drawn not from the area, which is cooled and from the general reserves of fat, that is, there is not a local, and the total weight loss. Third, as a part of vinegar is only dilute acetic acid, other “acids, vitamins and minerals” it there, so that on stretching means will not act.

Conclusion. Vinegar wraps useless for slimming the abdomen.

Cold wraps

As they are made. For the procedure, you will need two layers of fabric and crushed ice. Pieces of ice should be evenly distributed between the layers of matter and wrap it around your waist. Of course, it is not easy, since the pieces may be shifted and fall out, so they are sometimes used instead of ice water. In this case, as heating the tissue, ie, every 2-3 minutes, remove the cloth, re-soak in water, drained and then wrapped around the waist. The procedure lasts about 30 minutes.

Expected effect. It uses the same principle as that of acetic wrappings: It is assumed that the cooling body will promote local lipolysis.

The real effect of the procedure. As already mentioned, the local impacts of low temperature does not contribute to the breakdown of fat in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčexposure to the cold. Nevertheless, these wraps are more effective than acetic acid. Firstly, they are used for lower temperatures, and thus the body is still in its warm spends a certain amount of calories. Second, the strong cooling effect on the blood vessels, which increases the drainage of fluid from the problem area and therefore contributes to a small extent visual thinning waist, although quite insignificant and brief.

Conclusion. Cold wraps are ineffective for weight loss abdomen, but can be used in combination with other treatments aimed at weight reduction.

Coffee wrap

As they are made. From natural ground coffee prepared paste by mixing it with water. The mixture was applied to the waist region, is wrapped on top of it 3-4 times with cling film. Then the abdomen is additionally wrap and lie down for an hour under a warm blanket.

Expected effect. Coffee is known as an aid to weight loss. It is believed that during the wrapping caffeine penetrates beneath the skin and causes the breakdown of fat in the coating.

The real effect of the procedure. Alas, even the best components and organic coffee does not penetrate into the subcutaneous fat layer. So its “toning, firming and stimulating” effect can be felt only in respect of the nervous system and for receiving the coffee inside, and not in relation to fat when external use. The only positive effect of wrap is the local application of heat, which dilates blood vessels, improves microcirculation and promotes drainage of fluid in the tissues. All of this does not lead to weight loss, but a little better effect appropriate measures aimed at fighting fat.

Conclusion. Coffee wraps can be used only against the background of exercise of massage and dieting. With their independent use of weight loss will not happen.

For the effects on the stomach area, and recommended other kinds of wraps: honey (we wrote about it in one of my previous posts), mustard, clay, etc. We do not see much point to describe in detail each of them: in any case, their effect will be largely determined by the application of heat or cold, but not unique influence selected for their active ingredient.

Even the most effective options for existing wraps will help you not just go and get rid of excess fat on the abdomen; the most that you can expect from them – a drainage action, against which will create the appearance of weight loss. The real effect you watch only when specifically will undertake to improve the figure and will no longer rely on the fact that lose weight, lying under a blanket in plastic wrap.

Study at home or join a gym if you can not discipline themselves; reduce caloric intake or consult a dietitian to recommend you a diet; do massage and wraps the problem area, or make an appropriate cosmetic procedures. The main thing – do it all the time, long and complex. If you really want to achieve, and to see his waist in perfect condition, you will not stop what it will take up to several months of effort, and that it will be accompanied to your constraints and the need to carry physical activity and possibly material costs.

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