Best Stretch Marks Creams for Pregnant Women, How to Choose a Popular Brand

Best stretch marks creams for pregnant women, how to choose a popular brandDuring childbearing in women on hormone levels occur huge change. That’s when most women appear stretch marks or striae. For the prevention or reduction of symptoms, there are special funds. However, during pregnancy the body’s response to this kind of money may not be predictable. Therefore, best stretch marks cream for pregnant women should be not only effective, but do not pose a threat to the health of women and baby.

Almost every woman during pregnancy ponder over the question of the prevention of stretch marks, because in this period, in the body there is a substantial restructuring. In addition to hormonal factors on the occurrence of stretch marks is largely influenced by genetic predisposition. Even if you have good genetics, neglected preventive measures is still not worth it. The whole point is that so if there were striae, eliminate them would be virtually impossible. In addition, they can not be tan, and many regarded as a skin defect. To prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy, or at least reduce the risk of their occurrence, there are various creams with special moisturizing ingredients and nutrients.

As part of an best cream for stretch marks should be present retinol, it is an excellent moisturizer the epidermis, thus does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Good moisturizers are also aloe vera, chitosan and hyaluronic acid. Very well, if any of these components contained in the best cream for stretch marks. In addition, the composition should comprise a good cream vitamins C, E and A, amino acid, collagen, minerals, wheat germ extract, seaweed, protein hydrolysates, various oils (shi, jojoba). There are also special means of stretching (creams and gels) with healing effects. Usually in their composition contains components such as cocoa butter, avocado, grape seed, rose hips, wheat germ, soya. Such funds have an intensive moisturizing and softening effect, increases the elasticity of the skin (which prevents it from hyperextension), contribute to improving cell regeneration and have a pronounced drainage effect that prevents swelling.

The main rule when using these creams during pregnancy – is regularity, because even the best stretch mark cream in the world will not give results if you use it on occasion. Nutritious and moisturizing ingredients should come to the skin on a daily basis, only in this case, the skin did not lose its elasticity and beauty. To prevent stretch marks is not a chance occurrence, it is important to start to use special means already the third month of pregnancy, it is possible before, and this should be done twice a day after showering. Best stretch marks cream should be well absorbed. When choosing a cream you need to carefully examine the label as part of the means should not be any fragrance. Apply the product to be massaged on the problem areas (ie areas where stretch marks occur most often: breasts, thighs, abdomen, buttocks).

It should be noted that not all best creams for stretch marks are identical, they are classified depending on the destination. For example, for the prevention of stretch marks on the abdomen and chest should be used for a variety of creams. To avoid the appearance of unsightly red or white stripes on the abdomen is necessary to use creams, as part of which there are special vegetable oils, natural ingredients, vegetable protein. The funds for the breast are composed only hypoallergenic ingredients, as the skin in the area of the breast is particularly sensitive. Usually on the package means indicates to some areas of the body, it is most suitable. Such funds now in the cosmetic market represented a lot, with different price category. Regardless of grade and cost, it is important that the composition means have been included only natural ingredients. This is necessary in order to eliminate any chance of getting harmful substances to the fetus. Usually, on the box itself, or jar (tube) indicate whether you can use this tool during the gestation of the baby. If such a mark is not recommended to give preference to other means, it is better not to risk it.

If for some reason you missed the boat, and stretch marks appear, you should consult with your doctor about this. You may need to do some procedure, the doctor will advise you the best cream for stretch marks after pregnancy. The effect of such funds aimed at intensive skin nourishment and stimulating its regenerative functions. In this case, it is important not to leave it to chance, since the stretch without proper attention in time become more pronounced. It should be borne in mind that such funds must be suitable for use during breast-feeding the baby (if any).

We should also note that almost all best creams for stretch marks should be used for a further three to four months after giving birth, because in this period the skin returns to its original state (compressed), and it needs vitamins and various enzymes that are responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. These substances are present in best creams for stretch marks.

Nowadays there is an incredible number of brands and companies engaged in the production of cosmetics for pregnant against stretch marks. The funds differ in texture, smell, color, so every expectant mom will find its own version. Among the means that are popular, it may be noted best rated stretch mark creams brands Vichy, Lierac, Avent, Sanosan, Revitol.

Rules for the choice of a best stretch marks cream

These funds (usually a mark “Maternity”) are advised to purchase only in pharmacies and specialized stores, so you will reduce the risk of buying counterfeit goods to a minimum.

Special effects have best stretch mark creams containing emollients (jojoba or shea butter), components, improves circulation, of vitamins, amino acids, collagen, which in combination restore skin tissue, making it smooth.

Best cream for stretch marks should be unobtrusive smell, or even the most good and high-quality cream will bring you a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.

Choose only hypoallergenic cosmetic products. If possible, it is better first to buy a sampler and a skin test for the presence of allergic reactions. If you have friends who enjoy a similar tool, you can take them and do a test for skin sensitivity to the product.

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