Banana Diet

Banana dietBananas – a fruit that have a sufficiently high calorific value. Most people are aware of this and try to avoid them in the diet. However, there are power circuits, which involve the use of banana as the major product. Is it possible to lose weight on these fruits? Are there effective diets that reduce weight with the help of bananas? Let’s analyze the three most common banana diet and make conclusions.

Banana diet for 3 days

Lose weight for 3 days – the dream of every woman. As a rule, such a need arises at them before going to the beach this weekend, in case of sudden visits or New Year’s Eve. The majority of women for some reason do not realize that it is impossible to lose weight in 3 days. Even in the case of complete starvation the body begins to vigorously break down subcutaneous fat only a few days after the rejection of food.

But the most common version of the banana diet offers weight loss was 3 days. According to this method of fans to reduce weight, such a short period of time is sufficient to reduce their body weight by three kilograms. Banana essence diet on day 3 is as follows:

  • there can be only bananas;
  • three times a day people should eat a banana and wash it down with a glass of milk;
  • milk should be lean;
  • at other times any food and beverages except water, are prohibited.

It is unlikely to 3 days on a diet could achieve a significant improvement in the figures. But surely abide by it will not be too difficult. Bananas and milk enough nutrients to not feel wild hunger in the diet period. At the same time they do not contain a lot of calories, so the banana-milk days people will spend more energy than it will receive from food.

Still, 3 kilograms of weight to lose can not be sure. Even given that bananas have a mild diuretic effect due to the content of potassium salts from your body will not leave as much fluid you to become significantly easier. Banana diet for 3 days only help relieve digestive system, giving it a breathing space. But for weight loss need much longer.

Banana diet for 7 days

Banana diet for 7 days provides a more solid results. On the Internet you can read that it can help a person will lose one kilogram of weight per day. That is, the end of the diet he folds 7 kilograms of fat. These results are possible even in the event of complete failure of the food. Nevertheless, we will introduce you with such an embodiment of the banana diet. Its essence is as follows:

  • you can only eat bananas;
  • restricted their consumption of 1.5 kg per day;
  • you can drink only water and green tea – in any quantity;
  • you can eat in either mode, but the last meal – no later than 19 hours;
  • to avoid starvation, it is desirable not to eat at one time more than one banana;
  • if bananas are completely fed up, you can enter into the diet of two boiled eggs in a day.

Bananas – not the best diet product. It is not clear what criteria guided the creators of this diet, choosing bananas as the sole source of nutrients. They are sweet, because they have a lot of sugar. Even far from nutrition person knows that the sweet recover and not lose weight. Bananas have a high glycemic index, consist mainly of carbohydrates and thin because they are not very convenient.

Cottage cheese and banana diet

Cottage cheese and banana diet lasts for six days. Three of them – the banana. Yet three days – cheese. Start with cottage cheese day. Check, respectively, have a banana. The diet is more varied diet, compared with the previous power schemes. cheesecake of the day menu looks like this:

  • breakfast – 120 grams of low fat cottage cheese, a grapefruit;
  • lunch – 120 grams of low fat cottage cheese, a slice of melon;
  • dinner – again, 120 g of cottage cheese and grapefruit.

Why cheese? It contains a lot of protein and little sugar. It has a low calorie, but nourishes by a viscous consistency, high-volume, slow progress on the gastrointestinal tract.

Why grapefruit? Rumor has it that it promotes weight loss. And although it is fiction, many believe in the fat burning properties of grapefruit.

Why melon? Her presence in the diet does not seem logical. In this fruit a lot of sugar, and it has a high glycemic index. Melon is harmful for the figure, and most diets for weight loss exclude it from the diet.

Banana days include the following menu:

  • breakfast – a banana and a glass of milk;
  • lunch – banana and boiled egg;
  • dinner – 200 grams of banana and chicken.

Eggs, milk and chicken contain a lot of protein. They are low in carbohydrates, so these dietary products can be called. And that’s why in this scheme bananas – are not known. If they were replaced by other, less high-calorie fruit, the good of diet would be more. However, not much. Like other short-circuit power for weight loss, banana curd diet does not allow to achieve significant results in reducing weight.

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