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Appetite Before Menstruation. Why Before Menstruation I Want to Eat a Lot?

Appetite before menstruation. Why before menstruation I want to eat a lotWhat would you no longer want to eat - yogurt, a chocolate bar or a hamburger? At any other time, you will be thinking, but if at the moment your new cycle is nearing completion, the answer is obvious: "All and more!". Among other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, sometimes women overcomes increased appetite, due to which all the household food reserves are disappearing at a high rate and must be constantly replenished. What is happening and how to deal with it?

A brief excursion into the female physiology

Some girls have every reason to be jealous of men with hormonal virtually flat. In the weak half of humanity it is not so: in women occur every 28-32 days cyclical changes, and during each cycle, they have a certain time can be observed patterns change in health. To make it easier to understand the causes of their increased appetite, to remind you of some of the physiological characteristics of your body.

The menstrual cycle is divided into two approximately equal length phases. The first phase in the body gradually increases the level of hormones, estrogen (estradiol, estriol, estrone). This promotes the maturation of the egg; during this phase the woman feels great, different optimal performance and on what does not complain.

At the peak of the concentration of estrogen ovulation - out egg from the ovary into the fallopian tube where it is ready to be fertilized. From that moment so much estrogen the body is already unnecessary: ​​their level is gradually reduced, but increasing performance of the hormone progesterone. It prepares the body for a possible pregnancy, and creates the conditions to safely settled alleged embryo in the uterus.

All anything, but with the growth of the level of this hormone often start various "tricks" to health. Irritability, lethargy, drowsiness, edema, acne and, of course, a great desire always something to chew… And how progesterone affects your appetite?

Mechanisms of appearance of increased appetite

There are several common explanations for increase appetite during the premenstrual period.

Someone says that estrogen somehow affect the selection into the body of the hormone of happiness, serotonin. Once the second phase of the cycle the estrogen level decreases, it means that the body does not have enough of this "happiness" that makes women look for his other sources, for example, chocolate…

This is too simplistic an explanation. Firstly, hormones - not only to affect serotonin, and secondly, it promotes the synthesis of not only chocolate but also milk, bananas and other products. Third, before menstruation women pulls not only sweet but also in meat, bakery, etc.

There is still a belief that shortly before the onset of menstruation activates the metabolism, which leads to increased consumption of nutrient and calorie needs increase. This is not so: the metabolic processes are most active when a lot of estrogen in the body (the first phase of the cycle, if you remember the previous section). And with the prevalence of the metabolism of progesterone, on the contrary, a few slowed down.

Other statement does is from the category of "popular", is that a woman’s body prepares for the "cleansing" in the form of monthly, so the pre-stored nutrients to restore torn away the endometrium and blood volume replacement. This is not true! So what’s the deal?

But the fact that a woman’s body each month naive "hopes" that she finally will assume the obligations imposed on it by nature, and decides to become a mother. So he is not preparing for cleansing, but rather for pregnancy. Under the influence of certain hormones changing composition of the activity of some brain structures (limbic system, reticular formation, hypothalamus). Among other things, the activation of the hunger center; also observed increased secretion of the glands of the digestive tract and other metamorphoses.

In general, the specific reason for your hunger there; blame him - the complex interaction of hormones that influence the changes of the central nervous system, digestive tract and other organs. Act on all this is impossible… And mediated cause increased appetite is a weakness, irritability and general malaise before menstruation, against which you want to console himself tasty.

All you are experiencing increased appetite before menstruation?

As you obviously already knew in their observations, not all women respond to hormonal surges desire to cry, aggression towards others or the desire to absorb the entire contents of the refrigerator. Most just live a normal life, without feeling any particular signs of the end of the cycle.

There are those who have known premenstrual syndrome is not accompanied by increased appetite, but on the contrary, it proceeds with an aversion to food, nausea and even vomiting. All individually. So, if you regularly eats before menstruation, do not consider yourself the most miserable creature in the world: Believe me, there are far more options unpleasant condition known as PMS.

You may have noticed on offer, write a few lines above: that the changes in the body that lead to increased feelings of hunger, do not depend on the will of a woman and are not controlled. This is true; You can not make your ovaries change operation… But no, you can, there is one way.

According to the research, hormonal contraceptives can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, including increased appetite and. Against the background of hormonal balance is more equalized, and it allows women to feel better.

Other ways to fight hunger are ineffective; We have to rely only on his will and not the means that somehow it will reduce. It is recommended to comply with a reasonable diet, eat more fruits, whole grains, vegetables, chocolate and flour to replace the dried fruit and other more benign figures for sweets. All this will help to eat less, but will only because you themselves will control myself. Another good idea helps something to occupy themselves: loads before menstruation work, school, or anything else, and it will make you think less about hunger.

And in general, why you are so worried about increased appetite? Practice shows that the food eaten during this period, usually fully consumed by the body and does not cause the actual weight gain, unless your condition is not close to bulimia. Try to get on the scales after a couple of days after the month - and you most likely will not see any changes. So it is not worth much to blame themselves and experience; just try to limit the amount eaten, and your monthly "attacks" will not affect the figure.