Alzheimers Disease Called Diabetes Brain

It was found that the human brain has evolved in the direction of finding food that has a high amount of fat and sugar, but the advantage has arisen for survival in times of plenty deformed into an irresistible craving to self-destruct, according to New Scientist.

The link between Alzheimer’s and diabetes in an article number in the printed edition. Title of the publication of “Diabetes brain: the perfect food nightmare”, carried on the cover of the magazine.

Obesity and diabetes is improper diet. New Scientist notes that “in recent years become known to more and more data pointing to the identical nature of Alzheimer’s disease, and so some researchers regard this disease of neurodegeneration as another form of diabetes”.

“If this is indeed the case, then the relationship between these two diseases is simply disastrous consequences”, – stated in the publication. “Today the world is faced with an unprecedented epidemic of diabetes, and the prospect of a parallel epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease more terrible for the suffering that the disease causes to people and material costs really scared”, the newspaper writes.

One way to prevent this threat, according to the New Scientist, – the intervention of lawyers. Earlier attempts had to prosecute companies that provide catering services, because they contribute to the obesity epidemic. Now, if it is confirmed the causal link between the sweet, fatty foods with Alzheimer’s disease, while the number of such claims will certainly rise, confident authors of the publication. A little earlier, in the same year by 2 independent groups of researchers published the results of scientific experiments that show the relationship between changes in protein metabolism and insulin signaling pathway structures inherent in Alzheimer’s disease – the appearance of amyloid plaques in neurons. Thus, it has been shown that increasing the concentration of the protein beta-amyloid, which is a cause of amyloid plaques occurs because of irregularities of the base level of activity of various molecules of insulin signaling pathway in the human brain.

The results of other experiments, was the idea that insulin resistance cells in the brain can be regarded as a characteristic early sign of the same Alzheimer’s disease. This finding allowed scientists to classify conditionally neurodegenerative disease to diabetes of the third type.

The researchers predict that by 2015. Alzheimer’s disease is able to hit about 115 million. people on the planet.

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