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Alcohol and Energy Drinks: Bad Combination

Alcohol and energy drinks: bad combinationThis is not the first time that energy drinks are singled out, especially in alcoholic evenings.

A new Australian study confirms these fears of dangerous liaisons…

Overconsumption of alcohol

For the purposes of the study, seventy five young people aged 18 to 30 were invited to drink cocktails in the context of a party held in a laboratory: they received either 60 ml of a mixture Vodka – Red Bull, 60 ml of a mixture Vodka – carbonated water, plus 200 ml of a fruit drink in each of these mixtures. Nobody knew what he received as a beverage, but people with the habit of consuming energy drinks have easily recognized. Young also had to take a test and complete questionnaires on which researchers have relied.

It is clear from this experience that those receiving alcohol cocktail with energy drinks were also those who were more inclined to continue to drink alcohol.

However, all is not taken action, some arriving to reason…

A trap for the most vulnerable?

The fact that all those who received the alcohol cocktails and energy drinks, have not drank more than others even if they had more desire can reassure this proves that it is always possible not to succumb! However, proving that the desire to drink alcohol is increased by energy drinks, this study suggests also fear that the most vulnerable to alcohol people have trouble resisting. Indeed, we are not equal face the risk of addiction. And vulnerable people often have trouble recognizing they have a problem with alcohol, because they may very well do without alcohol for several days in a row. This is true, but can not help but consume much always in identical circumstances (such as partying with friends) shows that there is already a problem and it is time to talk to his doctor!