Activated Charcoal Slimming. Is It Possible to Lose Weight With the Help of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal slimming. Is it possible to lose weight with the help of activated charcoal?Activated carbon – is the most popular sorbent. Use it to quickly remove toxins that are caught in the intestines from food. Activated carbon is present in every home medicine cabinet. It is cheap, but it is as effective as most expensive sorbents. Activated carbon is made to use in the case of food poisoning. But it is also used to reduce weight.

Losing weight with the help of activated carbon

To count people who are trying to lose weight with the help of activated charcoal? On the Internet you can find the following explanation of the mechanism of drug action:

  • It displays the body of toxins, so there is a strengthening of metabolism and accelerate fat digestion;
  • Adsorb on the surface fat, so if you take the activated carbon during the meal, the calories are not absorbed by the body;
  • Coal is useful when dieting because removes harmful metabolites are formed during digestion of fat;
  • Activated carbon removes from the bowel gases so belly becomes smaller;
  • It can be taken before meals with a view to filling the stomach and loss of appetite.

In fact, lose weight with the help of activated carbon you are unlikely to succeed. He is really good on the surface adsorbs substances, some of which have a toxic effect on the body. Only one gram of activated carbon has an area of 500 square meters, so it is able to attach many chemical compounds that might adversely affect the health.

But people, weight loss is recommended for activated carbon are mistaken about the causes of weight gain. In fact, stout man not because of his poison some mythical toxins. He is gaining weight because they consume a lot of food. However, activated carbon is not out of the body fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, it does not help a person to reduce body weight.

The inclusion of activated carbon in diet

Some diets are designed for weight loss, intended to include in the diet of activated carbon. This is surprising, given that he is neither a food product or a blocker of calories or dietary fibers that could fill your stomach without increasing the energy value of food. As a rule, the activated charcoal is recommended to take 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight, before a meal or during a meal.

It is believed that taking activated charcoal before meals reduces appetite. We will not argue with that statement. Perhaps eating 7-8 tablets of coal, you really feel that the stomach is something there. There is a small chance that you will be able, even in such a way to reduce appetite. That’s just for the oppression of hunger before a meal, there are safer methods – tablespoon of bran plus a glass of water.

If you need to fill your stomach with something before you eat, what to use for this activated carbon? After all, it takes from your stomach trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients. Taking coal once, no health problems will not arise. Even after a week of regular use of the drug in the food you are likely to experience the side effects.

But after a month or more on their appearance is quite real. It may develop goiter, diarrhea, deficiency in certain vitamins or minerals. Activated charcoal, if you plan to use it during a weight loss diet, will have to take a long time.

To tidy up your figure, people usually spend at least a few months. But this is not the drug that you can take a long time, so it is better to refuse from all. Especially since the activated carbon did not reduce appetite.

Diet with activated carbon for weight loss

The Internet is widespread three-day diet with activated charcoal. It severely limits the diet, and it is a prerequisite for the reception of sorbents. Diet menu with activated carbon as follows:

  • first day – for breakfast and dinner, you can drink a cup of yogurt;
  • second day – three times you eat apples, but not more than 0.5 kg per meal;
  • third day – three times per day, you can eat a small portion of vegetable salad.

Half an hour before each meal you need to take a few tablets of activated charcoal. The authors of the diet believe that it is due to the presence of sorbent in the human diet will lose weight. In their view, a three-day fast is only a subsidiary factor that contributes to weight loss.

In fact, if you prolong this diet for a week or two, you can use all sorts of drugs. All of them are supposed to promote weight loss. And if you add an aerobic workout, the activated carbon becomes even more effective. Fat begins to melt before our eyes.

Activated carbon – the use of slimming

There is also another way to use charcoal for weight loss. Some sources say that it can bind fats and remove them from the gastrointestinal tract unchanged. Not being exposed to enzymes that are not split into fatty acids, triglycerides are not assimilated. Therefore, a person consumes fewer calories, even without changing the diet. And all you need to do – to take a few tablets of activated charcoal during a meal.

In fact, if the activated carbon and prevents absorption of fat, it is only to a minor extent. Attach and remove them from the body is not able to accurately sorbent. But it can bind bile acids, which are essential for normal digestion.

Theoretically, this is a very slight extent would promote weight loss. But in practice this is hardly possible. Most likely, the activated carbon does not block the absorption of fat and promotes weight loss. We have several arguments in support of this view:

  1. Coal does not bind bile acids so intensively to create their deficit.
  2. There is no evidence of violation of digestion of fatty foods after taking charcoal. Meanwhile, it is one of the oldest drugs. He long ago studied the length and breadth.
  3. Upon receipt of the coal in the patient there is no side effects that are common to all blockers calories (frequent and loose stools, abdominal pain, flatulence, fat in the stool).

Activated carbon for purification of toxins

In our bodies there is no slag. No man in the world who would see with their own eyes. Traditional healers, advocating the need to get rid of toxins, can not even clearly explain what they are. What are the chemical compounds they contain? Which toxins have consistency? What effect do they have on the body? In the end, what they look like? It would be interesting to see the slag at least in the photo.

It argued that cleansing the body from them, you can lose weight. And activated carbon is actively promoting this process. Just a few days the person using it can get rid of toxins, and then the weight will start to fall by itself. It is not necessary to believe in such nonsense. You can not get rid of toxins because they are not. And if they were, the cleansing of the body does not affect the weight of your body.

Another thing – the use of activated charcoal during a low-calorie diet. For example, if you have limited diet or exercise, your body fat is gradually broken down. If you have been for several years suffered from overweight, toxins begin to really get into the blood. They can accumulate in the fatty tissue, while losing weight is released, breaking the state of human health.

In this case, administration of activated charcoal improve health. Many toxins excreted from the body through the intestines. Activated charcoal helps to neutralize it, and thereby prevents reabsorption of toxic substances into the blood system. But this does not mean that the sorbent will lose weight faster.

Instead, intoxication is usually accompanied by weight loss. The man who was poisoned, decreased appetite, and his body spends a lot of energy to fight the toxins circulating in the blood. But do not be afraid of intoxication due to weight loss, because:

  • toxins in the fat tissue is not so much, unless of course you’re not a young man worked in the chemical industry;
  • lipolysis rates are quite low – stand out toxins gradually and healthy body copes with them, even without the aid of activated carbon.

Activated charcoal should be used only in case of poisoning. Moreover, even in these cases it must be combined with laxatives, because sorbent may irreversibly bind toxins. Activated carbon is also successfully used for the treatment of flatulence. But reducing the amount of gas in the stomach, the drug is not able to reduce your belly. It has a large size is not due to the gases and because the subcutaneous fat. And the amount of activated carbon has no effect.

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