90-day Diet of a Separate Food

alt90 days, a separate food – the original scheme, based on the classic separation of power, which is strictly regulated on certain days. The eponymous book authors promise us neither more nor less than the acceleration of metabolism, dumping 25 kilograms, and no side effects to health. Let’s try to find out how justified their claims, why lovers always sweet like this program and what are the medical background to find on the course. In general, the authors Polyanshek Hrobart and popular Slovak writer and their book far exceeded the circulations of the world best sellers – it’s hard to say what is more: a good system or a successful advertising campaign. Doctors do not support the principles of a separate food are no randomized studies that clearly indicate the usefulness of this approach. But reviews the system works, it also trains the habits of a healthy diet and discipline, and it is important in the fight against excess weight.

90 days separate food

All three months divided into four “block”, which alternate in succession – before the end of the scheme does not change course. Each four-day cycle is required for the execution, and if you have broken at any point, it is necessary to go back to the beginning of the cycle. If the failure lasted more than a week, you need a hitch (not necessary to continue to destroy the pastries and drink) and return to the beginning of the diet. The scheme is simple and intuitive catchy. Breakfast at any stage is minimal and you build it yourself from a glass of any fruit, starting and ending with exotic blueberries or any fruit as one. Do you want a banana? No problem, eat it, from one end of the world banana come.

Protein loading – mostly animal protein, although you can use nuts. The preferred fish, lean meat, tofu, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk. Permission is granted to a little lettuce and a small slice of wholemeal bread. No sugar or other carbohydrates, do not forget about seafood, to get a normal fat.

Amyloid day – this type of vegetables, potatoes, legumes, and complex carbohydrates. On this day, the protein should be minimized and should only be fats and vegetable absolutely necessary amounts for cooking. Salt use smaller, replace it seasonings.

Pure carbohydrate a day – a favorite day sweet tooth. Fruits and even chocolate are allowed – only in moderation. Moreover, for dinner you can eat a little dessert. But remember, the less simple (fast) carbohydrates, the better.

Vitamin day – it can still be called a discharge. Unsweetened fruit, some salad, seeds and nuts.

Fully discharge day on mineral water at the end of a cycle of 29 consecutive days, consider carefully.

The main requirement – strict eating regime, as “the book says”. With breakfast you realize no amateur, fruit and berries, but the rest of the diet are allowed to enjoy in a strictly allotted time – from 12 am to 19 pm. The principle is simple – for lunch you can eat food to satiety, and for dinner have to eat a third less dining portions.

Drinking regime to do the maximum to the bottom of the vitamin and supplements can be taken from ascorbic acid and fish oil.

  • Scrambled eggs with grated cheese, seafood cocktail;
  • A glass of broth, boiled beef, a slice of corn bread;
  • Broth of vegetables, boiled or baked potatoes;
  • Buckwheat with fat and a small piece of bread.
  • Pasta with tomato sauce;
  • Oatmeal on skim milk;
  • A piece of chocolate and crackers – sweet on this day are allowed to, you can even eat some ice cream.
  • Thick compote of dried fruits;
  • Fresh fruit salad with honey sauce;
  • Juice, fresh vegetable salad, pine nuts.

Pros and cons of the diet 90 days separate food

Considered a long course, with detailed instructions, unloading days and the possibility of a smooth and controlled diet.

One of the few diets which completely “legal” you can eat chocolate, cookies and ice cream.

Change “modes” and the abundance of food is not even allowed to pall after a couple of months from the start of the diet. In addition, the alternation of days will help get rid of the glycogen stores in the muscles, which will accelerate the burning of fat from the stock.

Ability to make fasting day and return to the beginning of the cycle in the event of unauthorized use of a product or holidays, most diets have to start again.

We need a serious preparation, planning and cooking meals for the next day – discipline is very important.

There is no proven medical reason for separate meals, also proved that inhibit enzymes friend – friend, in case of splitting of food from various sources.

Many nutritionists speak of separate principles of nutrition, as a pseudoscientific delirium, likely losing weight will be due to lower caloric content and depletion of glycogen stores. All thinking about the health benefits can be safely omitted – such data is unavailable.

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