1kg Per Day Diet

1kg per day dietWhen a person in one day looking in the mirror and finds that his figure needs to be corrected, he goes online and begins to look for ways to lose weight out there. Moreover, a gradual decrease in weight was not satisfied. Man must necessarily lose weight quickly, to ensure a minimum duration period, when it will have to limit yourself to food. Many people tend to lose weight by 1 kg per day, but whether this is real rate of decrease body fat? Diets in which the authors promise such high rates of weight loss, there, and now we will discuss the most common ones.

Some women use a day diet allows you to lose 1 kg of weight. Note that minus 1 kg of body mass – is not the same as the minus 1 kg of fat. This one-day diet is often recommended on the Internet, but few mention one of its features. In the early days of any fat diets are extremely reluctant to leave, so the weight is reduced by emptying the intestines and excretion of fluids. At the same time the stomach will become flatter, but the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer will remain unchanged.

  1. Duration – exactly one day.
  2. Diet painted strictly by the hour, can not deviate from it.
  3. Weight loss occurs by reducing the amount of body fluids and faeces in the intestine.
  4. Diet – 8 times per day, so it is advisable to sit on this mini-diet at the weekend, so it does not interfere with the work schedule.
  5. Salt prohibited – this measure will bring the body of liquid without the use of diuretics.

Diet Menu minus 1 kg for 1 day on the clock:

7:00 – unsweetened black tea (0 kcal); 9:00 – boiled egg (80 calories); 11:00 – tablespoon of raisins (25 kcal); 13:00 – 100 grams of boiled chicken (180 calories); 15:00 – a glass of tomato juice (40 calories); 17:00 – boiled egg (80 calories); 21:00 – a cup of yogurt (100 kcal).

Total – 555 calories for the entire day. If you observe a diet all the time, then quickly led to full order of the figure. Another thing is that to sustain this meager menu longer than 1 day, akin to a feat. Surely you will torment hunger. In addition, such a diet can hardly be called healthy and balanced.

Diet minus 1 kg per day – it’s an ambulance to your figure. If your body is not too much fat, you will be visually slimmer. This allows you to look better the next day after the diet. It should be understood that the body fat mass will remain unchanged, so you will get only a temporary result. For sustainable weight loss diet should be longer.

There are longer diets are designed for weight loss of 1 kg per day. In general, they are designed for a week. Subsequently diets simply lose their effectiveness. The fact that lose 1 kg of fat per day impossible. Even if you are physically active, and thus did not eat hardly lose a day more than 500 grams of fat. Moreover, even such pitches are possible only in the first few days, and then the body will reduce the metabolic rate to conserve energy in the hungry period.

Diet minus 1 kg per day is only for 7 days, because in this period to achieve weight loss can be achieved by removing the liquid and purgation of faeces. Naturally, when the old food out of the intestines, and the new comes in miniscule amounts, you become easier. Similarly, reduced body weight when the body takes the water. But infinitely away she can not, so the process of so-called “slimming” rapidly slowing.

One of the most common schemes power save enable presumably to 1 kg per day, referred to as “favorite diet”. Who loves it, and most importantly – for what, history is silent. Here’s her menu on days:

Monday – you can drink anything you want, in any quantity, but can not eat. Tuesday – you can eat vegetables in any quantity. Wednesday – you can drink, but you can not have. Thursday – you can eat only fruit. Friday – allowed to eat boiled meat and fish low-fat varieties, eggs and seafood. Saturday – only to drink, but can not eat. Sunday – the day the menu includes servings of vegetable salad, two eggs, two servings of fruit salad and cup of soup.

This diet is stupid, ineffective, it contains a whole bunch of unnecessary regulations. Perhaps someone once coined it for a joke, and the rest was picked up and distributed over the Internet. You can not reset using this diet 1 kg daily. However, any result you will surely get. Three of the seven days you are not allowed to consume food. It is unlikely that these will be the days of drinking in vain for your figure.

The Internet goes the myth that diet singer Valeria, which is designed for three days, on a daily basis allows a person to lose 1 kg of weight. It is based on the use of buckwheat porridge without fat and salt. Most sources say that buckwheat acquires special fat-burning properties, if you do not cook it in boiling water and leave overnight to infuse in hot water.

In the diet of the singer Valeria only two rules:

  1. There are only buckwheat water, but in any amount.
  2. Water should be drinking at least 2 liters per day.

It is not known whether this diet Valery complied with in reality, or is it another tabloids fiction, but a way to lose weight, we do not recommend because of poor performance. Buckwheat – is a product that eating large amounts can not reduce weight, but on the contrary, grow side. But even if you keep yourself from overeating calorie diet buckwheat these three days will be enough low for rapid weight loss.

Undoubtedly, the top most stupid diets for weight loss led power scheme, which is based on the daily consumption of fruit alone. Here is your menu for 6 days:

Monday – 1 kg of fruit.

While other human diet literally forced to drink the water in high amounts, fruit diet restricts liquid to 500 ml per day. It is obvious that no advantage is not such a diet. But it has drawbacks whole bunch:

  • fruit contained in the composition of organic acids, which stimulate intestinal motility, causing the secretion of digestive juices and hunger provoking;
  • fruits contain a lot of carbohydrates, including simple sugars, but the protein in them is very small, so the diet is unhealthy and little use for the figure;
  • people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract diet is contraindicated due to the possible aggravation of her background of gastritis or peptic ulcer.

You may be able to lose weight on a little fruit. But if the pitches are, they are clearly not amount to 1 kg per day. The diet is unhealthy, poorly tolerated and has a very low efficiency. Perhaps these three reasons enough to abandon it.

The most zealous fans of freebies do not want only a few days to fix a figure, but still wish to do so without dieting. The emergence of the desire to contribute to sellers of various additives, belts, bracelets and other rubbish, supposedly allowing lose weight at least 1 per kg per day without dieting and effort. Typically, such a person desire to end waste of money, human expectations and decreased motivation to further weight loss.

“Minus 1 kg a month without dieting” – that should sound like your goal, if you do not want to limit themselves in power. It is likely that you do not need to diet adjustment, if you will exercise the utmost physical activity:

  • always walk, if possible;
  • perform yoga exercises in the gym under the supervision of a trainer;
  • active rest, but not in front of the TV.

But you have to understand that provide a negative energy balance in the body without the use of diet is extremely difficult. To do this, you must spend a lot of calories. Although theoretically possible weight loss without dieting, weight reduction achieved in real life, keeping the old diet – it is a very difficult task that requires human willpower, discipline and dedication.

Lose 1 kg per day – this is achievable task. But it is feasible only in the case if you follow a diet plan is not more than 1 day. If you are set to lose fat, not water, and feces, such a goal is unrealistic, regardless of the presence or absence of the desire to diet.

Minus 1 kg per day – a task that will take you just a waste of money. You again sell another “miracle pill” for $100, or “fat burning” zone for $500. Set a goal adequate. Lose weight gradually, and then over time you normalize the weight of his body, without harm to health and damage to the purse.

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